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A Message From Markos On The Children Kept In Kennels

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 26, 2014

This came to me via email this morning, and I’m passing it on to you all:

…just think how desperate you have to be to send your children on a dangerous journey over 1500 miles by themselves.

That’s how desperate tens of thousands of Central American families are today. They have to choose between near-guaranteed death at home at the hand of criminal gangs or drug cartels, or some chance of survival in the United States.

This is not an immigration crisis—this is a refugee crisis. These kids aren’t looking for better economic opportunities or a better life, they are looking for life itself.

I’ve never written you to ask for your help in this way, but I am now. This crisis is undeniable and the lack of leadership from our elected officials is appalling.

Earlier this week, I chipped in $225 to the Texas Young Democrats’ relief efforts. They’re working to bring basic necessities like soap, underwear, and socks to the children who’ve fled to the United States and have since been detained by the Border Patrol.

I’m not asking you to chip in that much. But if you have just $5 to spare, please take a minute to look at the ways you can help these kids who are fleeing horrific violence only to end up being treated like prisoners here:

  • As I said, Texas Young Democrats are asking people to buy basic necessities through a “Wish List” they’ve organized on Amazon. Just add the items you’d like to donate to your shopping cart as you would any other Amazon order. Then, when you check out, you’ll have the option to send your items directly to the Texas Young Dems.
  • Catholic Charities is providing food, shelter, and medical attention to children refugees. You can see some pictures of their work here.
  • Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) offers legal services to children facing the labyrinth immigration legal system alone. You can contribute through PayPal or with your credit card.

Thank you and keep fighting,
Markos Moulitsas
Founder and Publisher, Daily Kos

You know what to do.


2 Responses to “A Message From Markos On The Children Kept In Kennels”

  1. If you live in Massachusetts, please sign the petition in support of the governor’s proposal to house the children temporarily while they await hearings.

  2. joel hanes said

    Thanks for letting us know.
    I hit the Amazon thing pretty hard.

    And Huzzah! for the TX Young Democrats, for doing the right thing.

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