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The Matt Entenza Sleazemails: Money Can’t Buy Him Love, Only Garbage

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 4, 2014


As noted here last week, Matt Entenza is in the midst of a very expensive and ill-advised sleazemail campaign against state auditor Rebecca Otto.

Ms. Otto’s campaign manager and husband, Shawn Otto, has ably and easily turned back each of Entenza’s sleazy attacks, and I am more than happy to do my small bit to assist by broadcasting Mr. Otto’s email updates on the state of play in this primary that never should have been:

Another day, another misleading mailer from Matt Entenza-this one implying that Rebecca Otto should be working to end corporate tax breaks and other policy topics that have little or nothing to do with the job of the State Auditor.

(Since Entenza thinks ending “corporate giveaways” is a priority, it’s worth asking why didn’t he do that in his role as a “Senior Advisor on Energy and the Economy to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton”? When he was actually in a position to do something about it, he failed.)

These negative mailings are so over-the-top and misleading that they prompted frequent City Pages cartoonist Ken Avidor to create his own statement about them (pictured at right; used with permission). [PW notes: It’s at the top of this post.]

The mailings don’t come cheap, either. According to campaign finance board filings, Matt Entenza has given his campaign $622,000 from his own pocket so far.

Matt Entenza’s gifts to his State Auditor campaign so far:

$255,000 before July 22
$227,000 on July 29
$ 15,000 on July 31
$125,000 on August 1
$622,000 as of August 1

Two-thirds of a million dollars to primary a sitting state auditor who everyone likes? What kind of stupid is that? That’s Matt Entenza stupid.

But we’re not done yet:

What he hasn’t done is told voters why he’s more qualified to do the actual duties of the Office of State Auditor.

The job is about money, transparency, and preventing corruption, not about policy (which is what we elect the Governor and the legislature for). Thus the name: “Auditor.”

Rebecca Otto has been able to have unprecedented influence both in Minnesota and nationally. Governor Dayton last week said Rebecca Otto has done a better job than he did when he was State Auditor.

Rebecca Otto is the DFL-endorsed, two-term incumbent. She has eight years experience and is the only Minnesota State Auditor to earn the National Excellence in Accountability Award and to serve as president of the National State Auditors Association. She works regularly with federal, state and local levels of government to make good things happen for Minnesotans and nationwide.

She was named one of the 15 most influential professionals in government auditing at any level by the Institute of Internal Auditors, the 180,000-member worldwide association of the auditing profession, alongside the Comptroller General of the United States and the Inspectors General of the Departments of Defense, Agriculture and Education.

She was awarded the Minnesota League of Cities President’s Award for her excellent service to Minnesota’s local communities.

She was awarded the Minnesota State Fire Chief’s “Golden Axe” Award for distinguished public service to the Minnesota firefighting community.

She is the first female democrat to be elected Minnesota State Auditor.

She is the only democrat ever to be re-elected Minnesota State Auditor.

Read more on her bio page:

Minnesotans have a clear choice on August 12:

Matt Entenza, a wealthy former politician trying buy his way back into Minnesota politics with a barrage of negative ads that even Minnesota Public Radio called “misleading”, or
Rebecca Otto, an ordinary Minnesota woman who has done a nationally recognized job for Minnesota taxpayers.

And just for the record, she doesn’t eat kittens.

If you support Rebecca’s nation-leading work for Minnesota taxpayers, she needs you to open your address book and tell all your friends to support her too.

And consider donating to help her fight back.


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