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Solar Roadways Update: Bad News, Good News

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 14, 2014

Here’s the latest from Solar Roadways, as of Monday:

Hi Folks,

Julie suffered an acute gall bladder attack on Friday and had surgery on Saturday. She’s home from the hospital now, but her recovery is going to slow us down a bit. Thank you for your patience.

The perk fulfillment continues. We have over 4000 t-shirts, 6000 coffee mugs, 1700 tote bags, 15000 bumper stickers, etc., to process. We are also still shooting the $100 thank you videos most every night (until Julie’s surgery). We’ve filmed letters “A” and “B” of the group ($10 donation) videos and will be adding more each week. We’re working as fast as we can, but it is taking longer than anticipated. With over 48000 donors, we have our hands full. We’re not complaining: it’s a great problem to have!

We are also interviewing potential employees and just added Graphic Artist/ Wed Developer to our wish list. We are so grateful to you all for the opportunity to put our team together.

We’re trying our best to keep up with social media and responding to over 18,000 emails in our inbox. We are blessed with thousands of potential customers, potential employees etc. from all over the world. We just feel badly that it’s taking so long to get back to everyone. It’s important to us to respond to each message personally and we’ll get to each one as soon as we can.

The City of Sandpoint wants to become the first “Solar Roadways City” and we have five pilot projects lined up in Sandpoint for next year: we’re working with Amtrak to retrofit one of their train stations, the City of Sandpoint wants to retrofit their Welcome Center parking lot and some downtown sidewalks, the animal shelter wants to retrofit their parking lot, and the Sandpoint Airport wants to do 25 acres of tarmac!

There are many other potential customers that we are talking to, but not yet at liberty to discuss. We can say that many of them are really exciting and probably just what many of you have been wishing for! We’ll make those and many other exciting announcements as soon as we can – stay tuned!

These kinds of projects are perfect for us: they’re right in our own backyard and easy to monitor. If anything goes wrong, we’re only five minutes away. This will allow us the opportunity to get real world experience and see where any problems pop up. We’ll monitor these installations for one full year before offering our technology to the general public in 2016.

Thank you all again for allowing us the ability to move forward at this accelerated rate. We are so grateful!

Julie and Scott

Get well soon, Julie!


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