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Rick Perry, Jim Stuck, Rosemary Lehmberg

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 20, 2014

Recently indicted Rick Perry claims that the desire to keep a state watchdog agency off his back was not why he pressured Rosemary Lehmberg to resign after her DUI incident.

If that’s the case, why then was he far more lenient towards another state official with a DUI incident, Jim Stick?

As Progress Texas reports:

In 2011, Republican and former State Representative Jim Stick was arrested for drunk driving. He has since been appointed as chief legal counsel for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, earning an annual salary of $162,000.
Then, there are officials who held identical offices as Rosemary Lehmberg. Since Perry has taken office, two other District Attorneys have been charged with drunk driving, but Rick Perry made no calls for their resignation.

• In 2009, Kaufman County District Attorney Rick Harrison was found guilty of drunk driving after driving the wrong way in traffic.
• In 2003, Swisher County D.A. Terry McEachern was found guilty of a DWI.

What’s the difference between these District Attorneys and the Travis County District Attorney? It could be that they are Republicans. More likely, it’s that these district attorneys were not overseeing investigations of the governor’s signature project – the Cancer Research Fund – which has since resulted in a felony indictment.

The thing speaks for itself.


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