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The “ Hack” That Wasn’t

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 6, 2014

The conservative lie funnel has been going berserk lately over the alleged hacking of Per “respectable” conservative site Politico:

The insurance portal succumbed to a cyberattack this summer, the government said Thursday, prompting an eruption of GOP finger-pointing and demands for hearings into the administration’s security policies for the site, where millions of Americas have registered to purchase insurance.

Ahem. Here’s what actually happened:

Was hacked? Not really. A test server was uploaded with “denial of service” malware – a practice “so common that it’s attempted 28 different times every hour.” The site itself was unharmed.

Was specifically targeted? No. Was any consumer information compromised? No. Was any data transmitted? No. Was there an attempt to steal data? No. Was the website knocked offline? No.

And that is that.


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