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What the shouting is all about

Posted by Charles II on September 20, 2014

This is just another story of what is forming a pattern. Deutsche Welle did a program on The Aryans, which describes the re-emergence of Nazism in Germany. There are towns where Jews and non-whites cannot go out after dark, and where local people are afraid to talk about the extremists. We know about the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. And now this, from Libby Brooks of The Guardian:

Six people were arrested amid angry scenes in Glasgow on Friday night as a group of young pro-union supporters clashed with pro-independence supporters who had been gathering in George Square throughout the day.

Police acted to separate a small group of pro-independence supporters from a group of skinheads believed to have marched from the loyalist pub the Louden Tavern in nearby Duke Street.

Individuals argued over the referendum result and a chorus of Rule Britannia was countered by Flower of Scotland.

As the evening wore on, and the yes supporters dispersed, more loyalists converged on the square, many of them draped in union flags.

A number were teenagers, and clearly drunk. At one point a section of the crowd broke through police lines and marched up the central shopping area of Buchanan Street, chanting the words to Rule Britannia. Some shouted loyalist slogans and racist abuse, and appeared to make Nazi salutes.

I do not think these are isolated events. I think there is an aggressive, international neo-Nazi movement, fueled by unemployment and culture change, and to some degree abetted by reactionary elements in business and government. The rest of the world should react accordingly.

Max Blumenthal on neo-Nazi elements in the Ukraine government.


3 Responses to “What the shouting is all about”

  1. The neo-Nazis are waiting for all the camp survivors to die off. It’s a lot harder to pretend the Holocaust didn’t happen when you personally know someone with a camp number tattooed on his or her body.

    Furthermore, they have been assisted, especially in the Middle East, by the bad actions of the IDF, aided and abetted by the USG. Anti-semitism is a way for victimized people to strike some sort of blow at the parties they see as oppressing them.

    • Charles II said

      Thanks for your comments at DK.

      I haven’t seen any careful analysis between the relationship between British unionism and neo-Nazism. But it seems like a logical connection. Without the rest of the UK to restrain it, Scotland would be a very left-wing country… sort of like Vermont seceding. And yet, as in Vermont, there are plenty of right-wingers in Scotland. So, it would be logical for the ultra-right in Scotland to be unionists, as seems to be the case, even if in the rest of the UK, they might not be.

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