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Ben Golnik, The Artful Dodger

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 1, 2014

Words fail me:

We were patiently researching independent expediture mailing by Republican operative Ben Golnik’s MN Jobs Coalition and/or its political fund companion, the Minn Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund, when an email came in earlier today from the Jobs Now Coalition.

Seems that the JOBS NOW coalition gets the calls the very similarly-named (but much more recently created) MN Job Coalition does because it doesn’t have a phone number on its website. Just google it, gentle readers, and you see why those citizens wishing to get off the newbies’ mailing list might get confused.

Even better: The physical address given doesn’t actually exist.

Hey, no phone number and no real address means no accountability, something that Ben the Artful Dodger Golnik apparently prizes.


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