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Joni Ernst Abused Her Power To Screw Veterans

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 14, 2014

Here’s something interesting about the Republican candidate for US Senator in Iowa that you probably won’t find in the pages of the Des Moines Register, unless it’s buried deep next to the want ads:

In the rural Iowa town of Red Oak, the names and addresses of the 29 people who signed a petition to remove a candidate from the ballot in a local election were read on the radio repeatedly in 2004. The speaker’s voice dripped with outrage that citizens would try to keep someone from running for office.

“I thought they were going to burn someone’s house down,” Barry Loving, a Red Oak resident who heard the broadcasts, told The Daily Beast.

Shades of Radio Rwanda.

The candidate those 29 people wanted off the ballot was Joni Ernst, who is currently the Republican nominee for Senate in Iowa and running as the epitome of “Iowa nice”. Her race against Democrat Bruce Braley is currently one of the closest races in the country and could determine control of the Senate. And while Ernst paints herself as the candidate of small town values and attacks her opponent for his supposed lack of civility, she comes from a political background that’s more “House of Cards” than “Little House on the Prairie.”

One would think that such a bit of news would have been uncovered by Iowa’s best-known newspaper, the Des Moines Register. But no, one has to turn to a nationally-focused publication, the Daily Beast, to hear about this vindictive abuse of power on Joni Ernst’s part.


4 Responses to “Joni Ernst Abused Her Power To Screw Veterans”

  1. Wege said

    The Register’s political commentary is run by a woman who was mentored by David Yepsen who now —unbelievably— teaches journalism in Illinois. Yepsen perfected the art of sanitizing third-party attack ads by taking the most outrageous questions and then using them as lead off questions in public forums. Not Yepsen’s question of course, it was always “there are ads that say you molested children and ate puppy dogs while serving as a county commissioner. How do you respond to that?” Yepsen would never research the accusations, but loved to throw them out there to give them weight and when the candidate didn’t bury it with proof on the spot Yepsen would smirk. He was a lot like Tim Russert.

    I saw one public TV interview in which his mentee did the exact same thing to the Democratic candidate for governor. Right off the bat he had to field a lose/lose question. That’s where the DM Register is at, and they’re in bed with Iowa Public TV and the rest of the media pretty much goes downhill from there.

    I’m in WI now and Gov. Walker almost dropped a brick the other day when a small TV station asked him an unscripted question that he couldn’t answer because the factual answer was tantamount to admitting to public corruption. That was probably the last interview he’ll do before the election.

    It’s sickening. The left needs to turn off their TVs and stop reading newspapers. There’s no there there, just lies and more lies. Turn off the TV and stop buying newspapers and they’ll all go away and that will be a good thing.

    • Charles II said

      The left needs to develop an alternative media, one that people want to listen to and are willing to pay for. All corporate media are beholden to their advertisers and major shareholders.

      But, yeah, I had my own run-ins with the Register. I told Yepsen that one of their stories was a pile of pony droppings and on another, where he trashed Al Gore, called him by implication a frightened little man running a sham press.

      Lord we need a change.

      • Wege said

        Yepsen married money (like Thomas Friedman) and lived in the most exclusive part of Des Moines. The national press kissed his ass every four years for Caucus gossip. He was insufferable and his protege continues the tradition. Ironically, I’m not even sure his protege realizes she’s committing journalistic malpractice.

        But for the Left to have proper news media will take deep pockets because if there was one thing I didn’t notice at Fighting Bobfest, it was expensive clothes and nice watches. Even smart phones seemed curiously absent. Corporate America’s anti-jobs jihad has always struck me as being aimed at traditional liberal constituencies. In my personal peer group everyone’s hitting early Social Security age now and uniformly act like they’ve hit the Lotto.

      • Charles II said

        Air America and Current TV were early efforts.

        I stopped buying the local rag and spent the money so saved on alternative media. If a few million people did that, we would have a real media.

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