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Your tax dollars at work

Posted by Charles II on October 18, 2014

Adrienne Pine has posted a documentary by Globo TV about death squad activity in Honduras. The first 30 seconds or so are staged. After that, it gets to what is actually happening. It’s in Spanish. But what we hear is this:

Aurora Pineda, the mother of a murdered child, says people engage in death squad activity either as a business or for pleasure.

Sociologist Carlos Eraso says that the people behind the wave of murders are oligarchs who participated in the coup of 2009, a military with an invisible government behind it.

The narrator says that most of these are not gangland or drug slayings as the authorities claim, but are directed assassinations reminiscent of Battalion 316.

He then shows the operation of a squad. He picks out several young men who take pictures and are in contact with vehicles without license plates, notably a gray double cab truck, which he later says is typical. Two of the young men are confronted and seek refuge in a patrol car, which takes them to safety.

Adrienne links a great blog From Here Below, written by one of the journalistic heroes who we often mentioned during the coup.


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