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Glen Taylor, Shoving The StarTribune Ever Rightward

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 1, 2014

Billionaire businessman and sports team owner Glen Taylor said back in April that he would take the newspaper he’d just bought and shove it to the right. (As if having D.J. Tice, Donald Dwight, and Katherine Kersten on staff wasn’t enough proof that the paper’s “liberal” image was created mainly by far-right lunatics eager to cow the Strib into ignoring their takeover of the Republican Party of Minnesota.)

And now, in case it wasn’t clear that Taylor meant what he said, the Strib’s editorial board has endorsed Stewart Mills III over Rick Nolan for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District seat — even though every single one of Mills’ stated positions is at odds with those long held by the StarTribune: gun control, taxation, Obamacare, environmental issues, and foreign policy. (Something, by the way, which was noted by many longtime Twin Cities journalists, including former Strib reporter and opinion-page writer Eric Black.)

Of course, it may well not just be Taylor’s known conservatism driving this hard-to-explain endorsement. It could be the vast amounts of money spent by the Mills family on Fleet Farm ads in the paper.


2 Responses to “Glen Taylor, Shoving The StarTribune Ever Rightward”

  1. Charles II said

    Democrats and independents need to cancel their subscriptions to papers that politicize their coverage. Republicans do understand losing money and, even if advertisers are their major source of revenue, they’re not going to spend money on ads that don’t reach many people.

    I wish I had a billion or so. I would spend it on creating a media empire dedicated to telling people the truth.

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