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Who didn’t show up

Posted by Charles II on November 5, 2014


In 2012, young voters, African Americans, and Latinos represented 19%, 13%, and 10%, respectively, of the national electorate. This year, those same groups represented 13%, 12%, and 8%, respectively, of the national electorate, according to CBS News. The smaller share of the electorate was not because White turned out in overwhelming numbers. It was because younger voters and minorities stayed home.

Probably nothing to do with mass purges of the voter rolls, threatening African Americans with jail for voting, unreasonable requirements for Voter ID. Or, for that matter, a failure to deliver a good employment market, rising wages, etc.

Must be because they hate Kenyan Muslim carriers of the dread Ebola.

BTW, congratulations to Minn Dems for good wins on a bad night!


4 Responses to “Who didn’t show up”

  1. There’s also the Six-Year Itch to consider.

    The only time in the past century when the party of a president six years into his term didn’t get punished at the polls was 1998. And that was because of obscene Republican overreach.

    • Charles II said

      I think the six year itch is a bit of a myth. Clinton’s sixth year was Monica. FDR’s was his fatal decision to reduce economic stimulus from its already pathetically low levels. And so on.

      Voters don’t get antsy for no reason at all. They seek change because problems have built up that the incumbent hasn’t dealt with.

      • Thing is, aside from 1998, it’s happened in every single second-term midterm since Reconstruction – and in most of them before then.

        The difference in 1998 was that things economically were going fairly well (especially considering the looted house Bush I gave Clinton) and so there wasn’t a big demand to boot him, much less over doing a mild version of the sorts of things Gingrich and Burton and Chenoweth and Hyde et al were doing and that everyone knew they were doing. So the GOP, far from making any gains, got punished.

  2. Granted, we lost the MN House because the RPM targeted a few brave legislators, but that’s OK: we are likely to get it back in two years. And the MN Senate will keep RPM legislation bottled up.

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