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Speaking Truth to Power

Posted by Charles II on December 6, 2014

Philip Agnew, The Guardian, on a meeting of African American leaders on the issue of racial disparities in police shootings:

We told President Obama that we were not the “People’s Spokespeople”. We told him that we had neither the power, positions, nor desires to stop the eruptions in the streets and that they would continue until a radical change happened in this country. We told him that we had no faith in anything, church or state. We told him that the country was on the brink and that nothing short of major capitulations at all levels of the government to the demands of the people could prevent it. Straight talk like that.


2 Responses to “Speaking Truth to Power”

  1. jo6pac said

    This to me was a another photo op for 0. The potus is great at listening then saying what people want to hear, then do nothing or make the problem worse.

    • Charles II said

      They said specifically that they knew that he, not they, was the major beneficiary of their presence, but that they had to do it:

      We all knew that the White House stood to benefit more from this meeting than we did. We knew that our movement families would fear the almighty co-opt and a political press photo-op. We have been underestimated at every juncture, sometimes from all sides. But this was an invitation that you accept – period.

      The invitation was extended with a clear goal: the president wanted to hear about what was going on around the country. We answered that call with clarity and brutal honesty.

      Sometimes, all you can do is witness, knowing that the only one who really hears you is God.

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