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Solar Roadways Gets A Nice Writeup From the US DoT

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 11, 2014

The Brusaws have spent about a decade chugging along with their ideas for using paved roads — already-built-upon land, in other words — to get America and eventually the world freed from coal, oil, and nuclear energy.

The US Department of Transportation, via its Federal Highway Administration, has given Solar Roadways boosts at key times. Now it’s given Scott and Julie Brusaw’s brainchild a nice writeup in the FHWA house magazine:


“They have been working diligently to address the many engineering challenges and respond to FHWA technical comments while also marketing themselves and traveling across the country to meet potential investors,” said Eric Weaver, the FHWA research civil engineer overseeing the Solar Roadways contract. “The biggest challenge has been the manufacturing process, which requires hands-on lamination and electronics work on each solar panel, since no facility currently exists that could automate the process.”

Laboratory testing on the textured glass and supporting structure for impact, load and friction showed positive results for function and safety, Weaver said, but field testing is needed to demonstrate the system’s ability to withstand exposure to repeated mechanical and environmental loading while maintaining functional and safety performance.

FHWA’s Eric Weaver is the same person whose words anti-SR sites have been wrenching out of context to make it look like he thinks that SR is a bad idea that could never work. He obviously thinks it’s a very good idea, and worth developing, or he wouldn’t have been featured so prominently in this article.


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    Thanks for the update and digging out the story from that site. Painfully slow for me.

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