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For those cheering N. Korea’s internet going down…

Posted by Charles II on December 23, 2014

They probably didn’t do the Sony hack. Also, the hackers who brought N. Korea down were probably black hats not affiliated with the U.S. government. See my post on Daily Kos.

I know, I know. This isn’t news. Internet sites like Wired and Ars Technica have been skeptical all along. So have I, but the absence of evidence at this point is really starting to look like evidence of absence of any sense at all in the US government.

2 Responses to “For those cheering N. Korea’s internet going down…”

  1. Thanks for this. Techdirt has been all over this but the mainstream media seems determined to read from the script.

    • Charles II said

      There are an amazing number of “liberals” on Daily Kos who are cheering on what they think is a White House attack on the North Korean Internet.

      The Koreans supposedly have 1024 addresses. The U.S., more than I can imagine. What happens when other nations decide they can respond to U.S. intrusions with impunity? Especially after they have sealed off their national nets.

      I can easily see us losing that p–sing match.

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