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Saudi Arabia Gets A New King

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 22, 2015

His name is Salman, and he might not last too long:

I lived for over thirty years in the Arabian Gulf, eight of which were spent in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. If I learned nothing else during those three decades it was that in the Arab World, the only way any decision is taken is by consensus. Compromise in the sense that we in the west are familiar with it quite frankly does not exist. And it makes no difference what level you are talking about, whether at government level, ministerial level, tribal level, family level, or in a corporate office. The arguments continue ad nauseum until such time as one decision is accepted by all. You can’t have a 6-5 decision, the majority rules, and the decision is made — and accepted — by everyone, whether on winning or losing side or not.

As for what happens if something befalls King Salman, he has already appointed Prince Muqrin as Crown Prince, a post which generally includes commander of the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense portfolio. Muqrin, based on what I heard of the man when I lived there, was judged to be pretty clear-headed and reasonable. How he is now, thirty years later, I have no way of knowing, but in any event, there is a clear path to a further succession. The problem is what happens after he passes away. I think the sons of Abdulaziz have just about passed their sell-by date. The question: Do they drop down one or even two generations to find another king? That’s where the rubber hits the road, I’m afraid.


One Response to “Saudi Arabia Gets A New King”

  1. Charles II said

    Yeah, the problem is there are lots of princelings waiting to become the Man. Salman is 79 and not in good health and a strong Wahhabi. Muqrin, now Crown Prince, is 69.

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