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The Eurotrash Earl, Aaron Schock

Posted by Charles II on February 3, 2015

An interior by Eurotrash (Image from Eurotrash, an interior designer)

Our good friend (if by “friend”, we mean “corrupt right-wing puppet”) Aaron Schock, the Republican congressman who supported the Honduran junta, is living like an Earl. Ben Terris, WaPo:

The Rayburn House Office Building is a labyrinth of beige offices.

And then, there’s . . . Rep. Aaron Schock’s new digs.

Bright red walls. A gold-colored wall sconce with black candles. A Federal-style bull’s-eye mirror with an eagle perched on top. And this is just the Illinois Republican’s outer office.

“It’s actually based off of the red room in ‘Downton Abbey,’ ” said the woman behind the front desk, comparing it to the luxurious set piece at the heart of the British period drama.

A blond woman popped out of an inner office. “Want to see the rest?” she asked.

She introduced herself as Annie Brahler, the interior decorator whose company is called Euro Trash. She guided me to Schock’s private office, revealing another dramatic red room. This one with a drippy crystal chandelier, a table propped up by two eagles, a bust of Abraham Lincoln and massive arrangements of pheasant feathers.

Then, my phone rang.

It was Schock’s communications director, Benjamin Cole.

“Are you taking pictures of the office?” he asked. “Who told you you could do that? . . . Okay, stay where you are. You’ve created a bit of a crisis in the office.”

A staff member then came and asked me to please delete the photos from my phone. So started a day of back-and-forths with a congressman’s office about interior design.

Nice to know the aristocrats are getting prepared for the new monarchy. But who would have imagined Schock as an Earl?


5 Responses to “The Eurotrash Earl, Aaron Schock”

  1. That picture should be included in every Democratic campaign handout and website in 2016.

    • Charles II said

      Amen, Mark. Though I think that Schock’s office, done in Downton style, would be even better.

      • Which is worse: an office that looks like a French bordello, or a waiting room that does? How on earth does this fly with his constituents? Is this him compensating for his being one of the youngest members of Congress? Or is his ego really that out of control?

      • Charles II said

        All his constituents seem to care about is that he’s “conservative,” which is to say ignorant, arrogant, and on the take.

        So they’re good with him.

  2. Accepting expensive gifts like office makeovers for free: Isn’t that what Bob McConnell got busted for doing?

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