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2003 Redux, Except Iran’s Been Subbed For Iraq

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 4, 2015

Even as the increasingly shocking and desperate actions of the doomed Sunni Wahabist grifters formerly known as ISIS clearly demonstrate where the world’s real antiterror priorities lie, those who want us to line up against Russia, Iran, and Syria are stepping up what I increasingly think of as their “yellowcake game”.

Exhibit A: The demonzation of Iran, of which the most sickening development has been the hideous effort to promote the MEK-dictated garbage of the late Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman:

Nisman’s rambling and repetitious report cites statements by four members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which is the political arm of the MEK, as the sources for the charge that Iran decided on the AMIA bombing in August 1993.

The primary source is Reza Zakeri Kouchaksaraee, president of the Security and Intelligence Committee of the NCRI. The report quotes Kouchaksaraee as testifying to an Argentine Oral Court in 2003, “The decision was made by the Supreme National Security Council at a meeting that was held on 14 August, 1993. This meeting lasted only two hours from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.”

Nisman also quotes Hadi Roshanravani, a member of the International Affairs Committee of the NCRI, who claimed to know the same exact starting time of the meeting – 4:30 pm – but gave the date as Aug. 12, 1993 rather than Aug. 14.

Roshanravani also claimed to know the precise agenda of the meeting. The NCRI official said that three subjects were discussed: “The progress and assessment of the Palestinian Council; the strategy of exporting fundamentalism throughout the world; and the future of Iraq.” Roshanravani said “the idea for an attack in Argentina” had been discussed “during the dialogue on the second point”.

The NCRI/MEK was claiming that the Rafsanjani government had decided on a terrorist bombing of a Jewish community centre in Argentina as part of a policy of “exporting fundamentalism throughout the world”.

But that MEK propaganda line about the Iranian regime was contradicted by the U.S. intelligence assessment at the time. In its National Intelligence Estimate 34-91 on Iranian foreign policy, completed on Oct. 17, 1991, U.S. intelligence concluded that Rafsanjani had been “gradually turning away from the revolutionary excesses of the past decade…toward more conventional behavior” since taking over as president in 1989.

Ali Reza Ahmadi and Hamid Reza Eshagi, identified as “defectors” who were affiliated with NCRI, offered further corroboration of the testimony by the leading NCRI officials. Ahmadi was said by Nisman to have worked as an Iranian foreign service officer from 1981 to 1985. Eshagi is not otherwise identified.

Nisman quotes Ahmadi and Eshagi, who made only joint statements, as saying, “It was during a meeting held at 4:30 pm in August 1993 that the Supreme National Security Council decided to carry out activities in Argentina.”

Nisman does not cite any non-MEK source as claiming such a meeting took place. He cites court testimony by Abolghassem Mesbahi, a “defector” who had not worked for the Iranian intelligence agency since 1985, according to his own account, but only to the effect that the Iranian government made the decision on AMIA sometime in 1993. Mesbahi offered no evidence to support the claim.

Nisman repeatedly cites the same four NCRI members to document the alleged participation of each of the seven senior Iranians for whom he requested arrest warrants. A review of the entire document shows that Kouchaksaraee is cited by Nisman 29 times, Roshanravani 16 times and Ahmadi and Eshagi 16 times, always together making the same statement for a total of 61 references to their testimony.


3 Responses to “2003 Redux, Except Iran’s Been Subbed For Iraq”

  1. Charles II said

    Kirchner is now being attacked for a juvenile tweet. It didn’t affect the outcome–Kirchner got a 15 part trade agreement–but right-wing media is running with the tweet rather than the trade agreement.

    Definitely seems like the right is eager to overthrow Kirchner.

    • Exactly. And idiots who take dictation from Netanyahu are spreading this garbage.

      Israel is allied with the Iranian-and-Syrian-hating Saudis to the extent that the IDF, which will attack Syrian planes that stray less than a mile into Israeli-claimed land, had not until last month (when it attacked a Hezbollah group in the remains of Qunietra, which Israel destroyed in 1974 rather than allow Syria to have returned intact) lobbed a single mortar round at the jihadist groups camped right below and to the east of the Golan Heights, Israel’s most sensitive spot. Why are the jihadis camped there? They moved in back in June 2014 after the Syrian Army, having got tired of constant decades-long Israeli mortar attacks, bugged out of what is officially Syrian territory; once the Syrians left, the mortars stopped and the Sunni jihadis had a de facto safe zone until Hezbollah appeared.

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