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And, oh by the way, please send lots of weapons and money…

Posted by Charles II on February 23, 2015

As I commented below, reading the Kyiv Post is an experience. A recent Op-Ed by one of their former chief editors, Askold Krushelnycky, is truly a marvel:

the mealy-mouthed German Chancellor Angela Merkel and puny French President Francois Hollande

the toothless, yokel, poorly-trained thugs that form the “separatist” pro-Moscow fighters

with sickening hypocrisy Merkel

The despicable duo [Merkel and Hollande]

Conveniently for Merkel, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe can’t provide incontrovertible proof of Russian involvement because the Russians wouldn’t allow them to enter Debaltseve while it was being pummeled…[Also conveniently for Kiev, no independent reporters were present to document any of Kiev’s claims which, Krushelnycky admits, are probably unreliable when it comes to casualties].

Would you buy a used war from this man?

Doesn’t he understand that the entry of NATO into the conflict would require the approval of France and Germany?


4 Responses to “And, oh by the way, please send lots of weapons and money…”

  1. Sounds like he flunked Dale Carnegie 101.

    But of course, his excuse is going to be that Merkel and Hollande are enslaved to Putin by their oil habits – though with the Saudis pumping out crude oil to keep prices low even as both Germany and France find themselves transitioning towards either renewable or nuclear energy, that excuse is no longer operative (if it truly ever was).

    • Charles II said

      I’m trying to prepare a post to indicate that the U.K. has joined Germany and France in concluding that Russia is too important to just sever relations, as the U.S. seems to want. I think that’s where this tantrum comes from. But the U.K. is signaling a major, long-term shift in attitudes toward Russia, in which Russia is demoted from a partner in Europe to a stakeholder in Europe.

      I think we’ll see a major push toward energy independence in Europe.

  2. jo6pacjo6pac said

    I’m pretty sure victoria nuland and friends only picked the cycle-0-paths out to run the govt. I’m not sure were I read it but the list of top govt. official are Jewish and yet they support their Nazis. WTF. This from RP, does this govt. official sound like he’s sane then again I thought the Ukraine was nuke free except for power plants.

    • Charles II said

      Jo, if you read that the Kiev government is run by Jews, find out where you read it and avoid that site like the plague. There are only 67,000 Jews left in Ukraine–out of a population of 45.5 million. They’re about as powerful in Ukraine as the Amish are in the U.S.

      The only place where Jews run things is Israel. In the U.S., we’ve never had a Jewish president or vice-president. I’m pretty sure we’ve never had a Jew as the leader of the Senate or the House. And I believe there has been exactly one Jew on the Supreme Court. The top level of leadership in this country–political, corporate, financial, and media– is disproportionately Christian or agnostic.

      I did see Parry’s article. I am not terribly afraid that this will end in nuclear war. The appearance of the article by Krushelnycky is a signal of another development that I am trying to turn into a coherent post, namely that the U.K has strongly signaled that it is not in favor of escalation. With Germany and France already having made it clear that they do not support arming Ukraine, I think this means that the likelihood of conflict is mall.

      That could change if the rebels push to the banks of the Dnieper River, or get anywhere near Kiev. At that point, I think that NATO might even send troops to serve as a tripwire. But if the rebels stay in Crimea, Doneysk and Luhansk Oblasts–the principal Russian ethnic areas– I think it’s headed to being a “frozen conflict” as in Abkazia/S. Ossetia/Georgia.

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