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Theater of the disturbed

Posted by Charles II on March 10, 2015

Jo Tuckman, The Guardian:

A scathing UN report has sharply rebuked Mexico for its widespread problem with torture, which it said implicates all levels of the security apparatus in the context of the government’s efforts to combat crime.

“Torture and ill treatment during detention are generalized in Mexico, and occur in a context of impunity,” the UN special rapporteur on torture, Juan Méndez, wrote in the report he presented on Monday before the Human Rights Commission in Geneva.

The number of complaints of torture made to the National Human Rights Commission rose from an average of 320 a year before the offensive to 2,100 in 2012.

Needless to say, Mexico denies that torture is a general practice. It’s simply a serial practice by enthusiasts.

The Mexican government more and more resembles a theater of the disturbed.


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