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Sequestration’s Last Gasp?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 22, 2015

I suspect it’s coming soon:

President Barack Obama on Friday drew a sharp line in the sand before the next big battle over funding the government, pledging his opposition to any bill that does not alleviate the spending cuts scheduled to become law this fall.

“I will not,” the president said in an interview with The Huffington Post, when asked if he would put his signature to legislation that allowed for sequestration to come back in October this year.

“And I’ve been very clear. We are not going to have a situation where, for example, our education spending goes back to its lowest level since the year 2000 — since 15 years ago — despite a larger population and more kids to educate. … We can’t do that to our kids, and I’m not going to sign it,” Obama said.

We’ll soon see.

(By the way: A good way to save money would be to avoid going to war with Iran. Tell your congresscritters that.)


One Response to “Sequestration’s Last Gasp?”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    We’ll soon see.

    Yes we will but I don’t hold much hope the potus doing the right thing since he hasn’t since day one.

    That war thingy, I saw somewhere that israel was sending some diplomats to france the stop the deal with Iran. Isn’t that special.

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