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Stratfor on the conflict in Europe

Posted by Charles II on April 13, 2015

George Friedman of Stratfor is one of the most interesting analysts out there. Not that I necessarily agree with him, since he’s been spectacularly wrong in the past. But he’s clearly well-connected and, unlike most neo-conservatives, he’s primarily a realist in the vein of Henry Kissinger.

I don’t think that he favors an aggressive strategy toward Ukraine, because he realizes that the U.S. is overstretched with the conflicts in Iraq and Yemen (and Libya and Syria, etc.). But his opinion seems to be that the US is trying to force Germany to choose the U.S. as its ally against Russia, preventing Germany and Russia from forming an alliance of resources and capital that would threaten the U.S. By creating a band of American power across Central Europe from the Baltics through Ukraine, it would make the western Russian fleet impotent and turning it into a distinctly regional power.

(Via Fortruss)


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