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Secede already

Posted by Charles II on April 15, 2015


This is an image of a local newspaper from a town near Abilene, Texas. The article on the left says that right-wingers are being labeled “terrorists.” The article on the right is about Obama, written by a Viet Vet-Green Beret-novelist from Colorado, is remarkably historically illiterate, and even says that Barack Obama “claims to have been a law professor.”  Apparently, the statement by the University of Chicago that he was a law professor is not enough for Mr. Bendell. Nor is Mr. Bendell aware that many of the slaves brought here were Muslims and that some fought for independence in the Revolutionary War and (presumably against slavery) in the Civil War. Sure, most early Americans were Christians or Deists, along with a few Jews, some atheists/agnostics, and so on. But when Barack Obama says that Islam is woven into the American tapestry from the beginning, he’s right. Being right used to count for something.

There are plenty of other articles typical of right-wing extremists. Brian Sussman tells us that “zealous environmentalists … are green on the outside and red (like Marx and Lenin) on the inside.”  He’s making a film about how the state of California is hoarding water to keep it away from (corporate) farmers.  I hope he likes drinking dust, because it looks like there’s going to be more of that than water in California. African American (No! American!) Lloyd Marcus is afraid that white people are so badly beaten upon that they might engage in backlash that would be like a race war but totally justifiable. When he is not praising the Lord that Rush is on, he’s being a “prolific writer, singer and songwriter.” (true. It may not be good writing, singing, or songwriting, but it is prolific.)

The point is not that this kind of stuff is remarkable. It’s that it’s normal, and not just in Texas. These people spread hatred and division and yet it’s the red states that take the most in government payments, have the highest level of social pathologies, and generally resemble all the things they rail against.

So secede already.


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