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Well, now that rationale for the coup is discarded….

Posted by Charles II on April 24, 2015

The Guardian:

The supreme court in Honduras has voided a single-term limit for the country’s presidency — the issue at the heart of the political conflict that led to the ouster of socialist [sic] incumbent Manuel Zelaya six years ago when he sought to hold a referendum on rewriting the constitution.

The push by the governing National party to make the change, which would permit President Juan Orlando Hernandez to seek a second term, has drawn widespread criticism from the opposition, which notes the same politicians behind it were involved in the 2009 coup against Zelaya.

After the court ruled, [Former president Rafael Leonardo] Callejas announced that he was looking to run for the presidency again.

We were told again and again, especially by defenders of the coup against Zelaya, that the prohibition against re-election was “set in stone,” meaning that Zelaya’s attempt just to have a referendum on the issue was such a serious assault on the constitution that it justified machine gunning the presidential palace, packing him on a plane, and dropping him in Costa Rica.

Now we are told that this same constitutional amendment was just a “stone in the shoe” of ambitious politicians like Callejas.

I hope Manuel Zelaya runs again. That is, if the Supreme Court doesn’t again flip in the wind as other politicians blow on it.


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