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Solar Roadways Update: Testing, Testing, One Two Three Testing…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 7, 2015

Scott and Julie Brusaw and their crew at Solar Roadways are testing how well solar panels collect energy when they’re installed flat (as opposed to angled for optimum sunlight collection) at various latitudes across the U.S. – information that will be useful in calculating how much energy the Solar Road Panels will generate when installed in various locations, altitudes, and latitudes.

The first two locations are both in Arizona.  One is at the Westward Look hotel in Tucson, the other at Biosphere 2 in Oracle.  The public will be able to see the data collection projects as they collect ther data.

The panels currently being used for data collection are conventional solar panels, but Solar Roadways will soon be replacing these testing site panels with Solar Roadways’ own SR3 panels.

This is one of the things that will save us.  This, right here.


5 Responses to “Solar Roadways Update: Testing, Testing, One Two Three Testing…”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    Thanks for the update.

  2. jo6pacjo6pac said

    Hi PW I was wondering if you’ve seen this. Cold Fusion. I was turned on to this by 99 and have been checking ever few days to see what is new.,196W/101.html


    • If the Chinese think this is real, expect this to be brought to fruition in about fifteen years or less — assuming they don’t get snookered by Lysenkoism.

  3. foobeca said

    So in other words, they’re re-inventing the wheel. The relationship between angling solar panels and the sun is well-established and understood. In fact, it can be expressed in a simple function, 1-Cos (i).

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