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Bruce Bartlett Roasts FOX Noise

Posted by Charles II on May 28, 2015

It’s a very good paper.


4 Responses to “Bruce Bartlett Roasts FOX Noise”

  1. Bartlett’s premise that as late as 2002 there was a liberal bias in media is hard to get past. Corporate owners gutted the liberal side of news media a long time ago, but I’ll give Bartlett credit for acknowledging the ‘truth has a liberal bias’ argument. This isn’t the first time he’s ripped on folks on his side.

    I’m sure I linked to him a number of times over the years. He’s an old school conservative and hates neocon fixers, but he’s still a Reaganite through and through. He always gave me hope that the wingnut coalition would implode. Hasn’t happened, but I’ve been in touch with OK/TX evangelical relatives and they’re not trusting the national party one bit. Oddly, at least one of them is a Jindal supporter. I suspect he met him once. Even the turkeys are usually fairly charismatic one-on-one.

    But yeah, this is a good thing, for all the good it will do and it might do some. Almost two million 2012 Republican voters will be dead by November 2016. That’s not just an election thing, that’s going to impact their primaries. It will be interesting to see if Bartlett endorses anyone.

    • Charles II said

      I think a lot comes down to how one defines “liberal,” Mark, as well as whether we are talking national or local media.

      The high profile national media do tend to be relatively socially liberal and economically conservative. In that regard, note that it was conservatives who repeal the death penalty. Conservatives can also be opposed to government regulation of sexuality or drug use. Where conservatives never disagree is on the need for the better (richer) people to control the teeming masses, especially by becoming richer. See Croteau, 1998. And, of course, there has been a rightward drift since Croteau. So Bartlett is correct, I believe.

      Local media tend to be pretty apolitical. Local FOX news isn’t necessarily conservative. But, of course, when the national agenda is set by economically conservative national media, it’s impossible to think thoughts more liberal than what “everyone” is saying.

      • I do think the actual major media reporters we have now are socially conservative (or at least hypocritically so). There has been a real shift due to corporatization. We used to see socially liberal reporters try to be objective. Now we have less objective reporters trying to fake being sympathetic.

        Bartlett conservatives are fine by me. We could beat them most of the time.

      • Charles II said

        Anti-gay rights? Anti-choice?

        I haven’t seen much evidence of that kind of social conservatism in major media.

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