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#NAFTA’s Evil Genius Ira Shapiro Defends #TPP. Jackie Speier Shreds It.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 7, 2015

When someone’s lying to you about something, there are two “tells”. One is the use of bogus statistics to back up a claim. The other, often used by people who are ashamed of what they’re doing (or who know that their audience is a bit smarter and/or better-informed than the mean), is to dress up the lie in veils of vagueness and nebulosity.

Ira Shapiro, the force behind the North American Free Trade Agreement that destroyed America’s manufacturing sector, chooses the latter approach in his America’s Democrats podcast appearance wherein he defends both NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Lots of unsupported foofaraw along the lines of aw-shucks-America’s-manufacturing-sector-was-dying-anyway and many-jobs-were-lost-to-new-tech-not-NAFTA, doing a Reverse Dance of the Seven Veils: His job, as befits a lobbyist for Dole, is to obscure and distract, and not reveal.

On the other hand, when people are telling the truth and their facts are accurate, they speak clearly, cleanly, and succinctly, and don’t trip themselves up with self-contradictions. Congresswoman Jackie Speier, a well-known critic of the TPP, was on that very same podcast, sets out, in clean, clear language, the problems she perceives with both TPP and NAFTA (NAFTA killed over a million jobs and shut down 600-plus manufacturing plants, for starters), and the difficulty TPP faces in the House (for one thing, Nancy Pelosi is not whipping the TPP fast-track bill at all). As she told Bill Press, she was in a meeting with Silicon Valley tech execs who knew more about the deal than she did — because they were involved in writing it.

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