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The Mexican Civil War

Posted by Charles II on June 12, 2015

Well, here’s a man bites dog story. Jo ::sigh:: Tuckman, The Guardian:

Nestora Salgado is not a woman who caves in easily.

A child bride who soon became a single mother of three, Salgado was still a teenager when she left her hometown in the mountains of southern Mexico to rebuild her life in the US.

Two decades later, she returned home to lead an armed rebellion against drug traffickers and corrupt local authorities – only to be accused of kidnapping and imprisoned.

Salgado spent 21 months in a high-security jail until a hunger strike galvanized international support for her case and helped secure her transfer last month to the medical wing of a more relaxed facility.

That fury erupted in October 2012 at the funeral of a taxi driver who had been kidnapped and killed by cartel thugs. A rumour broke out that a second driver had been abducted – and Salgado decided that enough was enough.

She helped organize the crowd as they disarmed the local police, then commandeered a police car to drive around town, using a megaphone to urge townspeople to join the rebellion. Within hours, the gunmen were driven from town, and an ad hoc militia armed with hunting rifles and AK-47s had set up checkpoints.

After Felipe Calderon was installed after a dirty election, I predicted that Mexico would enter a state of civil war. That hasn’t happened, although the Oaxaca rebellion did amount to an entire state of Mexico being out of the control of the federal government. And increasingly there are signs that no level of government is regarded as legitimate. The involvement of law enforcement at every level with organized crime is leading to vigilantism and a complete breakdown of law in Mexico.

Salgado is presently on hunger strike and in poor condition.

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