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A love crime, then?

Posted by Charles II on June 19, 2015

Ruth Eglash and William Booth, WaPo:

JERUSALEM — Vandals set fire Thursday to a church marking the site where worshipers believe Jesus performed his bread-and-fish miracle, in an attack that police are investigating as a possible hate crime.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the arson attack resembled previous acts of vandalism by Jewish extremists who have targeted monasteries, churches, mosques and cemeteries. He said Hebrew graffiti was scrawled at the site, including a verse from a Jewish prayer reading, “False idols will be smashed.”

A possible hate crime>? So, it could be a love crime, then.

One Response to “A love crime, then?”

  1. Things like this are making it a bit harder for Bibi and his friends to seriously claim that one of the reasons to back Israel is because it’s the most tolerant state in the Middle East. Wonder how many of the old kibbutzim regret what’s happened over the past thirty years?

    If the YPG/J ever is allowed to have its own nation-state, it’s going to zoom ahead of Israel in pretty much every particular.

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