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An eye-popping statistic

Posted by Charles II on June 26, 2015

From the Department of Justice, NIJ

Hate Crime Prevalence and Victimization
Estimates from victim interviews reported as part of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) far exceed the numbers reported by police agencies in the URC. NCVS indicates that approximately 191,000 hate crime incidents occur annually. Results from victim interviews indicate that only 44 percent of victimizations were reported to the police.[2] Only about 20 percent of these were validated by law enforcement as bias related.

One Response to “An eye-popping statistic”

  1. This is exactly the result planned by the Christian Identity crowd whose members have outsized representation among the leaders of white-supremacist and Neo-Confederate groups, including the Council of Conservative Citizens:

    You have an interesting way of talking about how the “lone wolf” concept feeds into the larger strategy of Christian Identity. Can you talk about that?

    The guy who probably had the most influence on the domestic lone-wolf terrorist concept is Louis Beam, an influential Christian Identity figure and also in the Odinist camp. He came up with this concept called “leaderless resistance.” In its initial incarnation in the early 1980s, leaderless resistance was supposed take the form of cells, small groups. Beam, who was the strategist for Christian Identity, realized that white supremacist groups had been thoroughly penetrated and infiltrated by federal law enforcement. The larger these groups are, the easier it is for the federal government to disrupt their plans and arrest their members. Beam says, “We’ve got to decentralize and go into small cells.” But then even the small cells got disrupted to some extent. They are unwieldy. So Beam advances this leaderless resistance concept in a very famous essay. He argues for the lone wolf. What he wants are for people to self-radicalize online and follow the agenda without necessarily being ordered or directed in any specific way.

    … or having any traceable connection to leaders of these white supremacist groups.

    Absolutely. So what you get is a very highly decentralized strategy by folks in Christian Identity — and other white supremacist ideologies that were influenced by Christian Identity — to deliberately put out as much information in the form of websites, social media and music to inculcate people with Christian Identity ideas even if the people themselves aren’t deeply religious. That’s very much a deliberate strategy by folks part of the Christian Identity ideology to accomplish their goals without having to risk getting taken down by the FBI or other law enforcement.

    By having a manifesto that specifically cites the Council of Conservative Citizens as an influence, Roof unwittingly exposes his mentors to attack, and undermines the “lone wolf” shield behind which the white-supremacist leaders try to hide.

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