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In the Name of Love, Take Down that Flag!

Posted by Charles II on June 27, 2015

Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone:

On Saturday morning, [Bree Newsome] scaled the flagpole outside the South Carolina State Capitol in Columbia and took down the Confederate flag herself.

As Newsome made her way down the flagpole quoting scripture (“The Lord is my light and my salvation. Who shall I fear?”), authorities gathered and arrested the activist and a male dressed as a construction worker who assisted her. Both were charged with defacing a monument, CNN reports. An hour later, the Confederate flag was once again atop the State Capitol’s flagpole…

Listen to her. She told the police, “You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence. I come against you in the name of God. This flag comes down today!”

The crowd chants, “Let us love and protect each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Bree Newsome interview, which starts about 30 minutes in.

Bree Newsome Twitter feed

Bree Newsome Website

Bree Newsome bail fund.

Links to Daily Kos diaries, from which some links were obtained: NancyK and DEMonRat Ankle Biter

2 Responses to “In the Name of Love, Take Down that Flag!”

  1. Topsy turvy world. It was of course the authorities who ran the flag up the pole who were defacing a public monument. What is their excuse for bringing such shame on the valiant Confederate dead?

    • Charles II said

      A week ago, several Republican politicians were swearing up and down that it was time to take down the one Confederate flag at the Capitol. When the Rev. William Barber pointed out that the flag was simply a symbol, and that they needed to take down the hatred in their hearts, abandoning the hateful rhetoric about “welfare” and “crime” and “failed schools” and “socialist healthcare” that everyone knows is code word for “giving stuff to blacks”–suddenly those politicians had only a few terse words to say that those were matters for later.

      What gave the civil rights movement confidence was the sense that in confronting the great knot of hypocrisy that is the Southern Myth of Race (shared by many northerners), the truth would come out, and that once the nation saw the truth, we would feel compelled to act. For several years, we did. But with the deaths of King and Kennedy, we lost hope that the truth alone was enough. And now, 50 years later, that same knot of race hypocrisy is being confronted by people whose courage equals that of the civil rights movement. And again their actions are exposing the hypocrisy of it all.

      I have to say, the original cause of the Civil War was deeply wrong. Men who rallied to that flag may have been–were– valiant, but they were also terribly deluded. But the people running South Carolina today have no such excuse. They have seen African Americans successfully perform the most demanding public and private offices that there are– from the head of the Joint Chiefs to Secretary of State to President to corporate CEO. The race myth has been destroyed. But it remains so convenient for exerting control and extorting labor that it is slow to die. And so it has to be exposed again and again, with more good people suffering to reform powerful people who are not worthy to shine the shoes of those they torment.

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