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We could crowdfund the Greek economy… and someone already is.

Posted by Charles II on July 1, 2015

Thom Feeney, The Guardian:

So, sat at the table after dinner, I started a crowdfunding campaign to try to rescue the Greek economy. Some basic maths told me that I only needed the entire population of Europe to donate €3.19 (£2.26) to reach the amount of the bailout fund [roughly €2.2B or $2.5B]. I included some nice perks for donating, including a Greek salad and holiday in Athens for two, and set up a page on IndieGoGo and a Twitter account.

I set up the crowdfunding campaign to support the Greek bailout because I was fed up with the dithering of our politicians. Every time a solution to bail out Greece is delayed, it’s a chance for politicians to posture and display their power, but during this time the real effect is on the people of Greece.

The way to help a struggling economy is by investment and stimulus – not austerity and cuts. This crowdfunding is a reaction to the bullying of the Greek people by European politicians, but it could easily be about British politicians bullying the people of the north of England, Scotland and Wales.

The reaction has been tremendous, I’ve received thousands of goodwill message and as I write almost €630,000 has been pledged by more than 38,000 donors.

While the probability of successfully resolving the Greek financial crisis by this method is not terribly high, the potential for embarrassing the politicians into writing down Greek debt is pretty good. The fund is, as of 2:30PM EST, at 1.1M euro. You can donate here.


One Response to “We could crowdfund the Greek economy… and someone already is.”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    I do not agree with this at all. Greece need leave the eu and leave the bankster high and dry. So do other run for their lives.

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