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What part of “NO!” don’t you understand?

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2015

Der Spiegel:

Angela’s Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

By Peter Müller and René Pfister
Photo Gallery: A Fateful Weekend for Greece Photos

Angela Merkel relishes her reputation as queen of Europe. But she hasn’t learned how to use her power, instead allowing a bad situation to heat up to the boiling point. Her inability to take unpopular stances badly exacerbated the Greek crisis.


5 Responses to “What part of “NO!” don’t you understand?”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    Well written and then I read this

    (Instead, she did what no German chancellor had ever done before. She followed a policy of pedagogical imperialism, with the lesson plan calling for budgetary discipline, labor market reform and privatization. It worked in Spain, Portugal and Ireland, but in Greece, the conditions imposed by creditors were not seen as necessary medicine but as a poison that was destroying society.)

    I’m pretty sure it’s not working in any of those countries and with Greece voting No this might be what those nations need to say No also. Merkel is Amerikas puppet, how sad because the two German leaders before her sure weren’t. Then again no banksters go to jail or are harmed so everything is good.

    • Charles II said

      I don’t think she’s a puppet, just as I didn’t think the Greeks were fooled by press propaganda. The IMF– which is heavily influenced by the US– issued a report saying that the policy being demanded by the European Commission and the ECB could not work. So I think the US is trying to back away from the hard line policies of Germany, and that Merkel simply is unable to tell her base to stop being so self-righteous.

  2. jo6pacjo6pac said

    As an Ives Smith fan I was really disappointed when she wrote in the comment section that the no vote was a vote against democracy. WTF

    William Black on bbc propaganda.

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