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China Turns Its Back On Coal

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 24, 2015

As I’ve said before, and as others have noticed, China’s bound and determined to wean itself off of coal and accelerate its transition to clean and renewable energy:

China was responsible for some 80 percent of the growth in global demand since 2000. …

China, however, has completely reversed its strategy of coal-intensive growth as Climate Progress has been reporting since the U.S.-China climate deal was announced in November. The driving force of this reversal is the terrible toll coal pollution has taken on the health of Chinese citizens in urban or industrialized areas — combined with the growing realization at the highest levels of China’s government that climate change will devastate China and that it must become a leader in avoiding the worst impacts. …

First, they are working to aggressively take market share away from coal and accelerate the transition to low-carbon and zero-carbon sources — natural gas, nuclear, wind power, solar power, and hydropower.

Second, on the industrial side, they are transitioning away from the coal-intensive and energy-intensive industries that have been driving growth and speeding up the transition to a more balanced economy, with much more service sector growth. Many of the Chinese climate and energy experts I spoke to during my trip last month used the word “sustainable” to describe the economy that the leadership would like,

Now if India can do something similar, we could truly put an end to King Coal’s dirty reign within my lifetime.


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