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Exchanging documents

Posted by Charles II on September 4, 2015

John Croman, KARE (via Jen Hayden, DK):

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Two Minnesota lawmakers Wednesday vehemently denied a Dakota County park ranger’s report that they were “making out” in a car in Eagan.

Rep. Tim Kelly of Red Wing and Rep. Tara Mack of Apple Valley drew the nuisance citations Aug. 25 from Dakota County Parks Ranger Jordan Moses, who encountered them in a parking lot at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan.

Moses told Kelly and Mark that they were double parked, because of the way their two cars were aligned. Kelly disagreed with Moses and took a photo of the cars. Moses subsequently issued them both public nuisance citations.

The public copies of those citations identify the cars involved, and the time of day, 4:30 p.m.. But they don’t include the officer’s notes. But another court document, a case register obtained by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, included a briefing notation by Ranger Moses.

“Was making out with female in car. When I approached the female’s pants were unzipped and pulled down.”

Kelly and Mack, who are both married to other people, said the park ranger’s statement was completely false and egregious.

In a statement issued to the media on Wednesday, Rep. Kelly said he met Rep. Mack in the Lebanon Hills Regional Park to exchange some documents related to the South Country Health Alliance, based in Owatonna.

That’s their story, and it’s sticking to them.

As Richard Thunderbay at Eschaton says, there’s a lot of information in DNA. Maybe that’s what they meant by “exchanging documents.”


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