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Solar evaporators will save the world

Posted by Charles II on September 10, 2015

Via commenter Jo6Pac, Derek Markham, Clean Technica:

WaterFX Hydro I, Inc., doing business as HydroRevolution℠, a California subsidiary of WaterFX™, is offering the shares to finance the construction of a fully solar-powered desalination plant in the Central Valley, which is expected to be able to produce up to 1.6 billion gallons (5000 acre-feet) of water per year, with virtually zero liquid discharge. The HydroRevolution℠ process is said to allow for a 90% recovery rate, with the remaining brine being treated further to isolate the salt and mineral byproducts for industrial applications.

Instead of desalinating seawater, as many desalination operations do, this plant will pull water from shallow irrigation water (also called subsurface drainage water) which is produced as a consequence of agriculture, and which has a high salinity content that can be detrimental to freshwater ecosystems

Once completed, the plant will be the first of its kind in California, and the largest solar desalination plant in North America.

Now, I think we could use distilled seawater to recharge aquifers that are being drawn down, and counter continental drying. But in any case, we’re going to need sources of fresh water. This desalination process will help.


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