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Erdogan’s Islamists split

Posted by Charles II on September 27, 2015

Owen Bowcott, The Guardian:

Turkey’s government is inflicting “systematic human rights violations” on its judiciary, police and media, according to a scathing report by senior British lawyers that was commissioned by one of president Erdogan’s exiled opponents.

The critical, 95 page-long survey alleges that the AK party government has interfered to produce “supine” courts, censored websites, restricted freedom of expression, stifled corruption investigations and subjected detainees to degrading treatment.

It has been written by Lord Woolf, the former lord chief justice, Sir Edward Garnier QC, the Conservative MP and former solicitor general, Prof Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC, the director of the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, and Sarah Palin, a barrister specialising in media law.

Their inquiry was funded by the US-based Journalist and Writers Foundation, whose honorary chairman is the Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen – a former ally of Erdogan who has become a fortright critic. Last year, a Turkish court was reported to have issued a warrant for Gülen’s arrest.

The lawyers’ report focuses on Gülen’s Hizmet movement and claims that his followers have suffered systematic purges that have removed as many as 40,000 employees from public positions, led to mass arrests and in some cases periods of detention.

Last year, the ECHR handed down to Turkey 101 judgments confirming violations of human rights; only Russia lost more cases at Strasbourg.

Erdogan has chosen poorly to go after the Gulen movement. That movement has internal popularity and international credibility that Erdogan lacks. I think Erdogan is nearing the end of his rule… at least as a democratically elected leader.

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No Homage from Catalonia: province votes to separate from Spain

Posted by Charles II on September 27, 2015

Ashifa Kassam, The Guardian:

Separatists took control of Catalonia’s regional government in an election result that could plunge Spain into one of its deepest political crises of recent years, by forcing Madrid to confront an openly secessionist government at the helm of one of its wealthiest regions.

A record-breaking number of Catalans cast their vote in Sunday’s election, billed as a de facto referendum on independence. With more than 98% of the votes counted, the nationalist coalition Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) were projected to win 62 seats, while far-left pro-independence Popular Unity Candidacy, known in Spain as CUP, were set to gain 10 seats, meaning an alliance of the two parties could give secessionists an absolute majority in the region’s 135-seat parliament.

The PP [conservative ruling party] emerged as one of the election’s biggest losers, said Emilio Sáenz-Francés, a professor of history and international relations at Madrid’s Comillas Pontifical University.

Many Catalans opposed to independence instead turned to centre-right Ciutadans, the regional arm of Ciudadanos

This does not immediately lead to secession. But it’s a strong anti-austerity vote and may presage a tidal wave in the national elections.

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How Wisconsin’s GOP-Media Complex Made Scott Walker Governor And Propped Up His Presidential Run

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 27, 2015

If you’re wondering how such a blithering idiot like Scott Walker could become and remain governor of Wisconsin, longtime Kossack “Jake formerly of the LP” has your answer: A local and statewide media that is all but totally in the tank for him.

So Scott Walker’s now back here in Wisconsin, pretending to actually do the job the taxpayers shell out 6 figures for him to do, but more likely trying to get a couple of last grabs of money and power for his paymasters before quitting as Governor to grab some “real money” as a lobbyist or rubber-chicken speaker on the wingnut welfare circuit. And the lessons of Walker’s faceplant on the national stage should ring loud and clear back here in Wisconsin, as all of these flaws were evident before he entered the presidential race, but they were never hammered on with enough consistency by the state’s Democrats, and were never followed up on by the paid-off state media.

This sheltered existence Walker got away with in Wisconsin must change and we must do our part to make it change (because the oligarchs and connected inner circle won’t fix this mess on their own – they’re making too much money in the Age of Fitzwalkerstan). If we do it right, and do remove these cancers that are wasting our state away, it could lead to the major changes in Wisconsin’s political landscape in 2016 and 2018. And that might just save this state, and start to restore its reputation as a place that used to attract talent and maintain a high quality of life.

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