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The dirtiest war/corrected

Posted by Charles II on October 7, 2015

One step closer to outright war between US and Russia. Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian:

The row threatens to further escalate tensions over Moscow’s airstrikes to support the regime of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said his country could not endure Russian violations of its airspace in its campaign in Syria and said Russia risked “losing” Turkey.

“Nato has issued a stern ultimatum,” Erdoğan was quoted as saying ….

Nato’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, had said earlier on Tuesday that the Russian incursions into Turkish airspace did not appear to be an accident, because the incursions had happened twice and lasted for a long time.

If Turkey shoots at Russia and Russia shoots back, Turkey can invoke the NATO mutual defense clause.

Meanwhile, ISIS is trying to score the components of a dirty bomb. Maybe they already have. Adam Johnson of FAIR analyzes the AP report and points out that the FBI states that there is no known connection to ISIS. AP just headlined it that way to sell newspapers at the expense of honesty. Jerks.

11 Responses to “The dirtiest war/corrected”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    I love this, it was all right for turkey to fly into Syria until they lost a plane and now nato complains about the Russians doing the job nato or wouldn’t. They paid thugs or trained and come through turkey. Russia has a lot of them on the run going back to turkey and Jordan, it couldn’t happen to a nice group.

    I truly doubt Russia would go to war with Amerika but then again the cycle-0-paths running Amerika at this time that’s all they really want, who cares about the country Amerika a failed state drowning in it’s own madness from potus on down. Sad

    How about those missiles today? It was for Putin’s birthday;) I’m sure the spin today will right off the charts of insane from false god mccain to every crazy neo-conn in govt. or think tank.

    • Charles II said

      The irony is that in certain circumstances Russia could legally overfly Turkey claiming “hot pursuit.” Considering the porousness of the border between Turkey and Syria, it’s possible that ISIS fighters cross into Turkey for resupply. And if Russia followed them….

      The whole doctrine of “hot pursuit” is dangerous. In this case, the Russians are claiming that the overflight was an accident due to bad weather. Maybe so, maybe no, but starting a war over this would be the worst possible outcome for the fight against terrorism.

      • jo6pacjo6pac said

        Isn’t wasn’t a mistake on Russia part but just a test. It what Amerika/israel has tried for some time and I guess the people that do intel in Amerika found out. The sad thing is most or all has been turned over to outsourcers. This were other old spy masters called in loyalist, Amerika or the corp masters that paid them $$$$$$$$ for their security clearance?

  2. jo6pacjo6pac said

    I for got to ad The Garden produce is looking Great:)

  3. jo6pacjo6pac said

    Turkey might just stay out the way.

    I’m just getting tomatoes we are still in the mid 80s here. You can before winter dig up the whole plant and hang upside down in a cool place and have tomatoes for long time.

    • Charles II said

      That’s a brilliant suggestion on tomatoes.

      As for whether Russia’s strategy in Syria is brilliant, I have my doubts. The way that the US “won” the Cold War was by convincing the USSR to engage in an arms buildup and to “look credible” in Afghanistan. Those actions exhausted the Soviet treasury and created war weariness in the nation. It looks to me that the US strategy is to goad Russia into getting militarily involved everywhere.

  4. I’m glad that the US support for the “moderate rebels” has been cut back, though we’re still being Salman’s and Bibi’s janissaries. If we gave the YPG/J what we gave Sunni militias working on the KSA’s behalf, they’d have wiped ISIS out by now.

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