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Dutch Safety Board report on Malaysian Airliner MH-17

Posted by Charles II on October 14, 2015

Link here. I haven’t read it. However, they have ruled out anything except a “9N314M-model warhead carried on the 9M38-series of missiles, as installed on the Buk surface-to-air missile system.”


The dog still not barking is the absence of evidence from U.S. spy satellites and other intelligence sources that Secretary of State John Kerry insisted just three days after the shoot-down pinpointed where the missile was fired, an obviously important point in determining who fired it.

2 Responses to “Dutch Safety Board report on Malaysian Airliner MH-17”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    On Amerikas silence on this, there was war games going on with an awac and it’s navy sister in the air. The navy missile cruiser with advance radar and both saw the whole thing in real time. The one other fact the Russian brought up there was the latest Amerikan satellite that job is to see launch’s from the earth was overhead. It’s what Amerika does best lie then start the propaganda noise machine.

    Then on the side, Malaysia govt. had just bashed israel on the attacks on Gaza

  2. Important to note that no where in the report is who is to blame for actually firing that missile.

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