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Chinese naval power

Posted by Charles II on November 1, 2015

From Henry Farley of Lawyers, Guns, and Money, writing in The National Interest, which appears to be a paleocon publication:

China’s second effort, the Type 094 class, has resulted in a much more effective group [than the 1981-vintage 092 class] of boats. The Type 094s displace about 11,000 tons submerged, and carry 12 JL-2 submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), capable of launching a nuclear warhead some 7,500 kilometers.

Reports vary on whether the missiles can carry MIRVs, but given Chinese advances in this area it is likely that these and future boats will carry them in the future. Thus far China has constructed around four Type 094 class subs, the minimum necessary for conducting continuous deterrent patrols.

The next step is the Type 096 “Tang” SSBN. Reports vary widely on the design parameters and expected deployment dates, but it will undoubtedly be larger, quieter, and carry more missiles with more warheads. The Type 096 is expected to carry up to 24 JL-3 SLBMs, with a range of 10,000 kilometers.

the noisiness of China’s boomers make them easy for U.S. attack boats to find. On the other hand, and insecure nuclear deterrent does not bode well for crisis stability.

In practical terms, the expansion of the Chinese submarine nuclear deterrent doesn’t have much effect on the United States.


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