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Hillary strikes out

Posted by Charles II on November 7, 2015

If they cover the South Carolina candidate’s forum at all, the media will probably call the South Carolina forum a win for Hillary. But I think it was a poor showing.

She dodged a number of questions. She outright would not answer which of the Republican candidates would be an acceptable VP if forced to accept one. She could have said George Pataki without helping him or harming herself.

Then there was a very long non-answer to the question of whether she would be more hawkish than Obama because she advocated a no-fly zone in Syria, an earlier bombing of Libya, and the Iraq war.

The strangest moment was when she claimed to have gone to the Nasdaq to warn about the coming crisis in mortgage CDOs. The Nasdaq is the stock market for tech stocks, nothing to do with the people who perpetrated the mortgage fraud. Maybe there was a speech there or something, but it was one of those “whaa?” moments. [Per Mark Lippman at Daily Kos, Hillary did indeed give a speech at the Nasdaq (why there?) “threatening Wall Street with regulation of the mortgage investments.” So it’s just clumsily stated and not terribly persuasive, but at least not weird. Lippman also notes that she voted for the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 as evidence of her stand against Wall Street, but the main effect of that seems to have been to give billions to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac]

Asked about the death penalty, she was reluctantly for it. In other words, yes and no.

That pattern continued when she was asked if she was an extrovert or an introvert. She was an extrointrovert, she said.

Asked about whether police should be in schools, she said something to the effect that we should have a conversation about it. She could have said it’s a state responsibility, but she didn’t.

People who support her will not have heard any of this. But I see a real danger that she’s going to faceplant in the general when the media really are paying attention.
Added: Guardian Liveblog here.


7 Responses to “Hillary strikes out”

  1. Charlie Pierce gave HRC the fewest points.

  2. “She dodged a number of questions. She outright would not answer which of the Republican candidates would be an acceptable VP if forced to accept one. She could have said George Pataki without helping him or harming herself.”

    That’s not a dodge. That’s a recognition that no one in the Republican field is at all acceptable. Period. It’s like being asked to pick who you’d prefer raped your daughter.

    Dignifying that Republican-favoring question with a response is giving in to the ‘both sides do it’ lie that the GOP-coddling press and far too many lefties proclaim to be fact. (You will never, ever see any Republican candidate asked, on national TV, which Democratic candidate he or she would pick for a running mate.)

    • I don’t think ‘dodged’ is fair, but I did find HRC’s performance to be chilling. She would be at home at Davos. What I fear is that she would empower corporate ladder climbers while ignoring those at the bottom (she’s already waffled on minimum wage and would clearly tie it to regional indicators because she’s adopted the beliefs of the 1% and doesn’t think the rural poor should get the same Subway pay as the inner city poor). But if HRC does win, it would be a great time to be a moderate woman serving in government.

      But mostly I look at the newspapers today (Sunday) and I see next to no coverage of this forum in major media. Wasserman-Schultz was the big winner, and I’m sure she’ll be in HRC’s cabinet.

      • Charles II said

        Mark says, ” Wasserman-Schultz was the big winner, and I’m sure she’ll be in HRC’s cabinet.”

        Now that’s chilling, in a way that Hillary’s performance was not. I thought she was just unforthcoming and deceptive. In other words, a typical politician.

      • Sorry for the very late response. Read Amanda Marcotte at Slate. Not since the culture wars of the late ’60s have I seen such naked contempt and divisive loathing as part of the nomination process. Marcotte’s jihad against progressive men is almost racist in its intensity.

        HRC isn’t running a campaign so much as managing a death star. No one as high up as Marcotte goes that far off the rails without permission. The “dudebro” war is an attempt — much like the drug wars — to castrate the left. We lost a generation of leaders to the drug wars and it warped our entire culture to the right. This is a similar movement; instead of dirty hippies we’re getting condescending dudebros who, through a haze of marijuana smoke, will fatuously patronize all women all the time.

        Even if I thought Bernie couldn’t win, I’d be doubling down on his campaign. The left is on the verge of extinction in this country, the corporate media has a million ways of distracting us with food, booze and drugs (comfort food), and the upper class white feminist movement is blind to its complicity in the buidling of this corporatist fascism.

        Probably a good thing I’m not blogging anymore.

    • Charles II said

      Then Hillary should have said that, PW. Rachel gave O’Malley points for having refused to accept the premise of one of her questions. She could have said, “If it were a time of crisis [as the question implied], it would be important for the American people to know that my vice-president supports my policies and would continue them should I die or be incapacitated. None of the Republican candidates qualify.”

      But she dodged the question and only after it was getting a little embarrassing did she admit she was dodging the question. If that had been the only instance, I might have shrugged. But she was not forthright.

      BTW, I don’t think that George Pataki can be in any way compared to a rapist. He’s a coward for having stayed in a party that has gone loony, but I don’t think one can say that he has furthered that derangement.

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