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Solar Roadways Update: The SR3 Is Ready For Its Closeup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 15, 2015


Here’s the latest update from Scott and Julie Brusaw at Solar Roadways:

These are the first prototypes of our new SR3 panel. You can see that the mounting holes have been eliminated, which gives us 25% more solar gain over SR2. We are now going to use edge connectors, which also will simplify installation. That change and others have helped us cut costs. Cost is still a moving target and will continue to come down over time as we take on more and more of the manufacturing in house.

As promised during our Indiegogo campaign, we’ve purchased equipment for manufacturing and testing and learned many ways to become more efficient during these last months of R & D.

Logos or other designs are now possible in the center of the panel (ie the SR3 and our moose), for customers who want that. Most panels will be like the one in the middle. And we hope you are all noticing all the new colors – customers will now be able to exactly match their theme colors and have great fun with holiday decorating!

This could be what saves us, folks. In so many ways.


2 Responses to “Solar Roadways Update: The SR3 Is Ready For Its Closeup”

  1. jo6pacjo6pac said

    Thanks for the update

  2. I’m really pleased about the edge connectors. Using those provides a number of important advantages over mounting holes and bolts.

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