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Corruption at high levels: misappropriation of funds for the disabled

Posted by Charles II on November 17, 2015


Thirteen Presidential Appointees (ten Obama, three Bush) are embroiled in a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal being probed by the US Department of Justice and four Inspector Generals. The appointees oversee the federal government’s $3billion a year “AbilityOne” program which is meant to pay for the employment of more than 50,000 disabled people–the largest such program in the United States. Most of that money, $2.3 billion a year, is funneled through the non-profit SourceAmerica to more than 1000 other designated partner organizations. This subsidised disabled labour is then placed (for a fee) with government and industry. Most of the labour is pushed to the military sector, including the DoD, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin & Boeing–who are also “patrons” of SourceAmerica. It is alleged that nearly half of the $2.3billion a year does not go to the severely disabled, but is rorted by pushing the money to corruptly favoured placement organisations that recruit the able bodied or the mildly disabled instead of the mandated 75% severely disabled. The result is billions in tax payer funded labour subsidies and increased profits for the placement organizations.

The 26 tapes are recorded conversations between Jean Robinson (Lead Counsel of SourceAmerica) and Ruben Lopez (CEO of Bona Fide Conglomerate Inc., one of the placement organizations) that discuss the alleged corruption.


2 Responses to “Corruption at high levels: misappropriation of funds for the disabled”

  1. jo pac said

    This is good, it is bi-partisan so no one will go to Jail, once again;)

    • Hell, it’s probably not even illegal. Notice that no right-wing media outfits have jumped on this story, for the same reason that you won’t hear them attacking the bipartisan Lockheed boondoggle called the F-35.

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