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The Five Thirty Eight Swing-o-Matic

Posted by Charles II on December 9, 2015

Find out how elections change with turnout and party identification. Hint: it’s still largely an all-white game, but the Democrats can easily blow it by alienating their base.

Via Ritholtz.


2 Responses to “The Five Thirty Eight Swing-o-Matic”

  1. jo6pac said

    “the Democrats can easily blow it by alienating their base”

    This is all they know being tools of ws and dod vendors. The best part is when they lose the blame game starts and it’s always those dirty progressive hippies that did them in and not their vote for us we’re less evil;) Voting Green myself in the big show but will vote for BS in the premier.

    • Charles II said

      Actually, Reps get 2:1 versus Dems for defense and, surprisingly, finance. Dems only do better from lawyers, telecomm, and labor. The “other” category is education and retired. And the dark money is disproportionately Republican.

      But, yeah, the Dems find it hard to speak against the industries that donate, even if the Republicans get more, because as the poorer party, they’re even more dependent on each donor.

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