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Ideological night riders

Posted by Charles II on January 19, 2016

James Carden, The Nation:

In mid-December 2015, Congress passed a 2,000-plus-page omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2016. Both parties were quick to declare victory after the passage of the $1.8 trillion package. White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters “we feel good about the outcome, primarily because we got a compromise budget agreement that fought off a wide variety of ideological riders.” The office of House Speaker Paul J. Ryan touted the bill’s “64 billion for overseas contingency operations” for, among other things, assisting ”European countries facing Russian aggression.”

Whether White House spokesman Josh Earnest was referring, in part, to the Conyers-Yoho amendment as one of those “ideological riders” the administration fought to defeat is unclear. What is clear is that by stripping out the anti-neo-Nazi provision, Congress and the administration have paved the way for US funding to end up in the hands of the most noxious elements circulating within Ukraine today.

Thanks, John Conyers and Ted Yoho.

5 Responses to “Ideological night riders”

  1. jo6pac said

    Yep tax payers money at work. I’m so glad I’m so poor I don’t pay income taxes. “It passed by a unanimous vote in the House” I should be surprised or at lest shocked but I’ve gotten over the fact govt. is to corrupt to bother saving. Then again at lest the death agents in Amerika will be raking the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    To bad Nation is going behind a pay wall.

    • Charles II said

      You can still listen to Stephen Cohen online at the John Batchelor show.He usually speaks on Tuesday evening. I’ll link the latest in the next post.

  2. jo6pacjo6pac said

    Posted this over here.

  3. jo6pac said

    I posted this over here.

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