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The Scandals Of Bernie Sanders

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 9, 2016

For those who think that the guy who backs every recent Iraq and Afghanistan move by President Obama is some sort of progressive dreamboat sent from On High:

First off, Bernie became a congressman in the first place by selling out to the NRA when the Republican who beat him 1988, Peter Smith, realized he couldn’t continue to oppose gun control and look at himself in the mirror:

Once safely ensconced on Capitol Hill, he’s used his power to (among other things) back the F-35 boondoggle, write a 2013 healthcare bill – the basis for his current plan – that not even Elizabeth Warren will co-sign, and collude with George W. Bush to try and poison a small Texas border town called Sierra Blanca:

There’s more to come.


3 Responses to “The Scandals Of Bernie Sanders”

  1. notlurking said

    Bernie 60%-Clinton 38%………beautiful!!!

  2. jo6pacjo6pac said

    bernie, bernie, I would like to care but can’t. To me he is just another stealth candidate or Manchurian if you want. I’ll be voting Green, the demodog party died a long time ago. Robert Perry did a great break down of the event, tricky dick might have had to resign but was able to plant so-called moderate repugs in the party to take it down by insiders.

  3. Charles II said

    I think that single-source, screen-scraped article like this that does not develop an issue, but only tears down a candidate is a disservice.

    I will try to take some time to analyze the Shakesville articles, which–from what I have seen–are poorly founded and clearly driven by animus. This is a very busy time for me, but I took time to try to show you why I think that MCewen is not to be read without a few grains of salt at the ready. I had hoped that my responses would have maybe given you some pause.

    I am sorry to see that they have not.

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