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“Romney campaign a win for Mormons”

Posted by Charles II on November 23, 2012

“Romney campaign a win for Mormons” is how Rachel Zoll‘s AP article was headlined.

The thesis is that some fundamentalist cranks no longer label the LDS a “cult” and are now acknowledging “the church’s dedication to family, charity and community service” which, uncharitably translated, means subordination of women, welfare for members, and funding anti-gay ballot propositions. Per Zoll, the best news of all: since Romney lost, people will stop paying attention to the LDS.

Yes, the article is that obtuse and that obsequious.

I think that what the election outcome will do is brand Mormons as losers, which is the greatest sin of all that a conservative can commit, and that once the enforced solidarity seeps away with the loss, the knives will come out.

So, may I wish conservative Mormon candidates many more such wins.

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The AP’s Doin’ It Again

Posted by MEC on April 14, 2007

The article says:

Nancy Pelosi won her biggest victory in her first 100 days as speaker by making peace among her own House Democrats. Mollifying moderates and staving off liberal defections, she narrowly wrung passage of legislation setting a troop withdrawal deadline from Iraq.

The Iraq legislation was the truest testament to her leadership, analysts said. The nation’s first female House speaker has also passed a raft of other bills, set herself up as a visible opponent to President Bush and taken steps to protect Democratic incumbents who could be vulnerable to Republican challengers next year.

…Pelosi’s kept her agenda, and herself, firmly in the spotlight since her history-making swearing-in Jan. 4.

The rest of the article is mostly positive.

But the headline?

Pelosi survives 1st 100 days as speaker

“Survives”. Makes it sound like she barely avoided being a complete failure, doesn’t it?

If Speaker Pelosi walked on water, the press would dutifully report that she was criticized for not swimming.

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