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In the toljaso what justain’tso column… [Bush AWOL story]

Posted by Charles II on May 25, 2012

(Thanks to Norwegianity-in-exile for providing the link to this story)

So, we all know the facts. Dan Rather, working with information provided by Lt. Col. Bill Burkett through 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes, aired a sensational story that there was definitive proof that George W Bush had at best been casual about his National Guard service. But brilliant and courageous right-wing bloggers quickly (like, so quickly that they had to have been supplied some assistance from the Bush White House) unraveled the truth: the documents were forgeries, proven by the fact that no typewriter of that era could possibly have typed them and that they could be reproduced by Microsoft Word.

The Washington Post in particular rushed the bloggers’ conclusions into print. Amid all the breathless talk about kerning, fonts, and proportional spacing, and cries of “Rathergate” from the right, official harrumphing about journalistic standards gave way to a commission which promptly found… well, not exactly anything except that Mapes and Rather had to go. There wasn’t any arguing from any quarter that they had rushed the story onto the air without properly vetting the documents, relying instead on the reputation of Lt. Col. Burkett. Alas, Burkett had not verified their provenance. Mapes and Rather were left to (metaphorically) swing.

But, of course, everything other than the fact that the source of the documents had not been established wasn’t true. The documents, if they were forgeries, were much better forgeries than the right-wing gave credit for. They could indeed have been produced by a typewriter of that vintage. That, in fact, was a more likely explanation than what the right-wing claimed.

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Echidne writes

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2012

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She also has a post on education with this elegantly simple explanation:

The basic problems in the US education system are income inequality, residential segregation and the local funding of education. When those are put together we end up with an unequal system, one where the districts that really need more resources than any other districts in fact end up with fewer resources. Then the schools in the poor areas (where the students have many more problems) will fail and the solution is to punish the schools and the teachers.

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Marcy on da teebee

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2012

Marcy Wheeler appeared(*) on DemocracyNow to discuss John Brennan, drones, and the complete unlawfulness of the whole mess. I hadn’t realized that Brennan had worked as a contractor. Maybe we should just subcontract the whole effing government to Halliburton and Xe/Blackwater (Added: thanks to Jo6Pac. Blackwater/Xe is now known as Academi).

“Investigative blogger.” That’s an honorable title.
* DN is TV as well as radio for those who are more familiar with hearing Amy as a disembodied voice.

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Are the tips of those ears blushing? (Spocko gets some just due)

Posted by Charles II on March 17, 2012

Via bo in comments at Eschaton, Spocko gets named. Joe Garofoli, SanFranChon:

The campaign to pressure advertisers to leave conservative Rush Limbaugh’s radio show after his misogynistic comments about a college student looks familiar – it was presaged six years ago in a similar effort directed at a San Francisco talk-radio station by an anonymous blogger called Spocko.

It’s always a good day when someone who has worked for justice gets noticed. A round of Guinness on the house.

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Christmas gifts for the baby Jesus; Luckiest gunny; Bloggers get their day in the sun

Posted by Charles II on November 30, 2011

What will you be giving the Prince of Peace this Christmas?

Image of the Scottsdale Gun Clun from Talking Points Memo.

Ya know, I support the right of people to have and to hold whatever non-fully automatic weapon they care to own till death do them part (minus dumdums, armor piercing ammunition, and high capacity magazines). But this kinda goes to show how completely hypocritical many gunnies are. They go to church to pray to the Prince of Peace and they go out to the mall to buy a weapon to gun down the armies of the anti-Christ or whatever. If you’re going to be a pedal to the metal gunny, please admit you’re not Christian.

The luckiest gunny on earth


Richard Seymour, who run’s Lenin’s Tomb, provides an incredibly lucid picture of the British strike, which brought 2 million into the streets and closed down many schools. This was the largest strike in nearly a century.

And Raed Jarrar of Dear_Raed (careful, without the underline, you get phentermine etc. talks about Biden’s visit to Iraq.

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Arrest That Woman! She’s A Journalist!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 24, 2011

Courtesy of Bluestem Prairie.

Even as Kurt Zellers and the rest of the Minnesota Republican Party caucus at the Capitol were trying to scrub the record and remove all official evidence that they invited arch-nutjob Bradlee Dean to give the opening convocation on the day an anti-marriage-equality bill — henceforth known as “The Bradlee Dean Bill” — was supposed to be passed, one of Dean’s minions had a folding table set up in front of the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Hutchinson, looking to raise money for Dean’s “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” ministry.

Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen tried to interview the kid running the table, but was rebuffed — and you’ve got to watch the video at her site to see what happens next. Suffice to say that he, like Scott Walker, seems to have confused local law enforcement officials with his own palace guard.

(Crossposted to Renaissance Post.)

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Monday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 23, 2011

— Earlier this year, I mentioned Bluestem Prairie’s breaking the story of a certain repeat sex offender, Jeremy Giefer, who seemed to be getting astonishingly gentle treatment from various prominent “law and order” Republicans such as Tony Cornish. Well, guess what? The Twin Cities media doesn’t seem to be much interested, but as BSP’s Sally Jo Sorensen reports, the DC-based The Politico has picked up on it:

Pawlenty’s pardon problem involves Jeremy Geifer, who had been convicted in a statutory rape case involving a 14-year-old girl he later married. Geifer had been described by everyone in his life as a model of reform, which eventually led to a 2008 pardon by a three-person board led by Pawlenty.

But late last year, Geifer was accused of sexually assaulting another underage girl more than 250 times. Pawlenty moved swiftly, asking for a probe into whether Geifer lied on his pardon application and pushing to close down a day care run by his wife.

What Politico chose not to mention: The latest alleged victim of Giefer’s is none other than his own teenage daughter, the very person he fathered off of the 14-year-old girl he married.

— Speaking of local journalists breaking stories, Karl Bremer, of the blog Ripple in Stillwater, just got one heckuvan atta-boy:

The Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has informed me that I won a Page One Award for “Best Use of Public Records” for my series on “Minnesota and the Man Known as ‘Bobby Thompson.’” They won’t reveal whether it was 1st, 2nd or 3rd place until the annual awards banquet June 7.

‘Bobby Thompson’ is the assumed name (probably one of many) of the notorious scammer and Michele Bachmann pal behind the fake charity known as the “U.S. Navy Veterans Association”.

— Speaking of Page One Awards, City Pages’ Nick Pinto was nominated for one for his followup work on the Giefer story mentioned above, the one Sally Jo Sorensen broke at BSP.


(Crossposted to Renaissance Post.)

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In Which I Turn Over My Blog To Bluestem Prairie

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2011

It’s Sally Jo Sorensen’s world; the rest of us just play in it on occasion.

Here is a great piece by her on Tom Emmer, Tony Sutton and the Republican Party of Minnesota’s self-destructive purity crusade.

Here is another great piece by her, this time on the Republican determination to put the screws to homeless vets.

Speaking of the homeless, here she is taking Steve Drazkowski to the woodshed for his let’s-spit-on-the-homeless-people attitude.

Finally, here she is pointing out the bizarre attitude the local GOP exhibits towards newly elected Hibbing state representative Carly Melin.

I am in awe.

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Guest Post At RenPost: “It’s OK (But Only) If You’re A Republican”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 28, 2010

Hey folks! A quick announcement.

Neil Haugerud, a buddy of mine, has a blog and he’s not afraid to use it. Even more frightening, he’s not afraid to let me take the wheel every once in a while. Here’s the result. (While you’re there, check out some fine posts by the chief cook and bottle-washer himself.)

This has been a public service announcement of Mercury Rising.

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Time For Another Blogger Ethics Panel

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 30, 2010

Good news: StarTribune and national-media’s go-to pundits pick up on Sally Jo Sorensen’s Bluestem Prairie story about Jeremy A. Giefer, the sex offender given a Pardon Extraordinary by Governor Tim Pawlenty, and who is now facing charges of incest.

Bad news: They somehow, ah, forgot to credit her or BSP.

I’m starting to lose track of the number of times some legacy-media outlet snarfs up a story first broken by a blogger and then fails to credit the blogger. At least we try to hat-tip or link to the sources for our stuff, when we pass along something someone else discovered.

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