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These People Really Need To Get Lives

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 3, 2010

From Rachel Sklar of Mediaite:

Something strange is going on here: Conservatives don’t like money.

That’s the message I’m getting from the extreme distaste some conservative critics have shown for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Forget about Rush Limbaugh’s $54 million Gulfstream jet, Mitt Romney’s $42 million donation to his own presidential campaign, John McCain’s seven or eight houses, the RNC’s vacations in Hawaii — the real source of outrage is Chelsea’s big fat Liberal wedding, and its estimated price tag of $2-3 million.  For shame! Never mind President George W. Bush once joking at a dinner about “the haves and the have-mores….Some people call you the elite. I call you my base” — apparently, it’s now completely uncool to have money and spend it.

Over at Newsbusters, Kyle Drennan was outraged that guests of the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding would be perching on porcelain port-a-potties, and was shocked — shocked! — that a segment on the CBS Early Show “did not raise any questions about the over-the-top extravagance of the affair, which is estimated to cost a few million dollars.” At Wizbang, the Clinton-wedding price tag was tut-tutted disapprovingly, and Chelsea was compared unflatteringly to Jenna Bush, whose private wedding on her parents’ ranch in Crawford was apparently a model of fiscal restraint.

It’s a strange double standard.

Conservatives are all about the double standard. And the outright lie.

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MoDo: She Wants Bill Clinton. Badly.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 12, 2009

Why else would she ruin a perfectly good date with a perfectly good man by doing nothing but gossiping about Bill Clinton?

This also helps explain her intense hatred of Hillary. Here’s a woman who can’t keep any relationships going, and the man who she can’t stop thinking about, even when she’s allegedly discussing health care reform, is never ever ever going to divorce Hillary for her. The contrast must be galling.

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John Aravosis Says It So I Don’t Have To

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 5, 2007

The most evil Republican candidate for President is not Ron Paul or Rudy Giuliani, believe it or not. 

The most evil Republican candidate for President, cloven hoofs down, would be everybody’s favorite hypocritical Baptist minister, Mike Huckabee.

John Aravosis details the mainstream national press’ belated discovery of Huckabee’s most despicable act.  Go and read.

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Waaaah! He Beat Us In A Fair Fight!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 28, 2007


In an action that is eerily reminiscent in miniature of the neverending campaign the Republicans have been waging against Bill Clinton for the “crime” of winning the 1992 presidential election and depriving them of the presidency which they thought they owned by the divine right of kings, we see that Minnnesota Republican Party Chair Ron Carey and his favorite employee Michael Brodkorb are still not in a mood to forgive Mark Ritchie for dislodging the vote-suppressing, scandal-plagued, crony-pampering (on the taxpayer’s dime) and just plain nutty Mary Kiffmeyer from her position as Minnesota’s Secretary of State.

Brodkorb, unable to find any actual evidence of lawbreaking on Ritchie’s part, has now turned to whining about his attending a DFL function in his role as Secretary of State. Of course, what Brodkorb won’t tell you is that Kiffy didn’t exactly shy away from Republican shindigs during her time as Secretary of State. Oh, well.

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Ken Starr: Yeah, I Leaked Grand Jury Information. So?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 8, 2007


We all knew that he’d done it. Now he admits it — or rather, rubs our faces in it.

As for his claims that he was on the verge of indicting Hillary Clinton:  Well, why didn’t he?  He and his gunsels and successors spent $100 million and the better part of a decade on this charade.   Patrick Fitzgerald spent far less time and money, and he got a conviction.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 10, 2007



Here‘s the WaPo’s take on the Vitter story:

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) apologized last night after his telephone number appeared in the phone records of the woman dubbed the “D.C. Madam,” making him the first member of Congress to become ensnared in the high-profile case.

The statement containing Vitter’s apology said his telephone number was included on phone records of Pamela Martin and Associates dating from before he ran for the Senate in 2004.

What they’re NOT saying is that he was in the House from 1999 to 2004.

And do you know how he got to the House? Because his predecessor, Bob Livingston, resigned.

You remember old Bob, don’t you? He was one of the House Republicans gunning for Clinton over a blow job. He was slated to replace Newt Gingrich as Speaker, after Gingrich took the fall for the GOP’s disastrous “get Clinton” strategy, which backfired once the public started finding out about what hypocritical horndogs the Republicans were.

But then Larry Flynt came along:

The Irish Times has learned that Mr Livingston became aware that Mr Flynt had in his possession audiotapes of sexually explicit telephone conversations between Mr Livingston and a woman. It was the nature of the sexual talk that was so disturbing, said this source. It was clearly a sexual relationship of a sado-masochistic or dominant-submissive nature.

At one point in the conversation, Mr Livingston asks the woman a question to the effect, can’t I be the victim next time? (The precise wording of the question could not be confirmed.) What was clear was that Mr Livingston was clearly interested in playing a sexually submissive role.

Mr Flynt, for the record, did not wish to disclose the specific nature of the evidence he has against Mr Livingston. “It was much more than he said in his initial statement. He knew our investigation was under way.”

With a sly smile, Mr Flynt looked into the camera at CNN and said: “Let’s say I understand why he resigned. I’m happy if our efforts had anything to do with it.”

Larry Flynt has got to be laughing his ass off right now.

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Posted by MEC on July 5, 2007

The Busheviks have the ultimate answer to any criticism of Bush’s commutation of I. Lewis Libby’s sentence for, basically, engaging in a coverup of the White House’s destruction of a CIA network that was seeking out information about weapons of mass destruction:


And the mediawhores, being the mediawhores that they are, are helping them distract us from Bush’s utter corruption by repeating the Busheviks’ deeply dishonest and hypocritical accusations against President Clinton.

And as Keitih Olbermann just pointed out even as I’m typing this, the mediawhores have conveniently forgotten that when President Clinton pardone Marc Rich (cited as the ultimate example of Clintonian corruption), Rich’s attorney who was working so hard on obtaining that pardon was … I. Lewis Libby.

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Dog Bites Man. Sun Rises In East. Rudy Spews Bull.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 28, 2007


I see that Mister 9/11 Rudy Giuliani is attacking Bill Clinton again, in an apparent effort to buff up his rapidly-ebbing support as the Fundie WASPs desert him for Fred Thompson. 

When even Tucker Carlson is forced to admit that Rudy’s spewing bull, he’s really spewing bull.

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Gene Lyons Versus The Pundork World

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 15, 2007

Lyons wins going away:

Nobody knows who next year’s presidential candidates will be.

This column has no particular favorite and will make no predictions.
Even so, it’s not necessary to be a prophet to know how Beltway pundits
will handle the so-called character issue. The Republican nominee will
be a virile, decisive straight-shooter who’s 100 percent “authentic” and
“comfortable in his own skin.” The Democrat will be an indecisive phony,
uncertain of his/her identity, but willing to strike any pose or pander
to any constituency in a self-serving bid for power. That was the basic
script for the media’s astonishing “War on Gore” in 2000, the campaign
of falsehood and vilification that helped elevate George W. Bush, an
ex-preppie cheerleader and bicycling enthusiast dressed up in rugged
“Texas Rancher” costumes, to the presidency over then-Vice President Al


But I digress, and pointlessly. By now only cultists impervious to facts
expect anything but clueless, arrogant bluster from this president.

In short, there’s no evidence that the “Sabbath Gasbags,” in Calvin
Trillin’s immortal phrase, have any more insight into the candidates’
character than a trailerpark palm reader and somewhat less than my
basset hound Fred, who could at least sniff their hands and figure out
whose ears they’d been scratching.

Go get ’em, Gene!

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NYT: Clinton Caused The Housing Market to Collapse! (Except, of Course, He Didn’t.)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 9, 2007

The Poor Man catches the NYT spewing and spinning again.

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