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From Hell’s Heart, Spitzer Stabs At Thee

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2008

If you’re a predatory lender, that is.

Dandelion Salad reminds us of why the banks wanted Spitzer gone. (Funny how David Vitter and Larry Craig are still in office, isn’t it?)

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Scott Says It. I Believe It.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2008

That settles it.

The key grafs:

In today’s New York Times, a New Jersey Republican politician and former prosecutor, John Farmer (whom the Times inexplicably fails to identify by his political badge—an issue that the Public Editor needs to address), counters concerns that the investigation that brought down Eliot Spitzer was politically motivated. In Farmer’s presentation, concerns about the way the prosecution was brought are being raised by “supporters of Spitzer” as part of a “strategy” in his “defense.”

Farmer’s analysis is feeble and unconvincing, and his premises are false.


The key questions that need to be asked go to the extraordinary allocation of resources and manpower for this operation and the application of level standards. Here again, the Bush Justice Department has one set of standards when Republican officials fall into a prostitution ring, and an entirely different set when the target is a Democrat who is threatening the Republican Party’s power base in Albany. We just need to look over the “D.C. Madam” case, which caught in its snare a high-level official of the Bush Administration and a Republican senator. But the Bush Justice Department’s attitude towards that case couldn’t be more different. It is deferential towards the customers and has shown no interest in bringing charges against any of them. It has also engaged in extraordinary somersaults to keep the names of the Republicans caught up in the case out of the media. The two cases, compared with care, point convincingly to a partisan political double standard.

The Bush Justice Department complains it has no resources to investigate or deal with the case of Jamie Leigh Jones, a woman from Houston who was gang-raped, brutalized and held hostage by American contractors in Iraq. It claims it has no resources to deal with dozens of similar cases involving rape and assault by or against U.S. citizens. It has no resources to deal with hundreds of cases involving massive contract fraud, tallying into the billions of dollars, in Iraq. Its prosecution of white-collar crime across the country has fallen through the floor. But this same Justice Department allocates millions in resources to ensnare a prominent Democratic politician in a sex tryst at the Mayflower Hotel. This evidences an extremely curious set of priorities—priorities which are suspiciously driven by a partisan politics, not a sober and responsible interest in law enforcement.

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Hypocrisy: IOKIYAR

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

One of the reasons the news media is all over the Eliot Spitzer story — at least the sex part of it, as opposed to looking at the questionable means used to nab him, or the fact that his antagonists had a target before they had a crime to hang on him — is because of the “hypocrisy angle”: “He busted hookers, so he should really pay hard for paying for them!”

Which would be all well and good, but somehow the press never got around to applying that same standard to another political john, Diaper David Vitter — who was not only not hounded out of his Senate seat, but staunchly defended by the same cons now attacking Spitzer. This comparative gentleness towards Vitter is why the man who was well-known in the DC and Canal Street sex-worker industry is still in the Senate pushing legislation like this:

Who needs fiction when you’ve got politics? You really can’t make this stuff up.

As Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s (D-NY) political career comes to an end for his involvement with a prostitution ring, Sen. David Vitter, (R-LA) of “DC Madame” fame, plans to amend the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to reinsert the 33 percent abstinence-only earmark.

Sen. Vitter, not exactly a model for abstinence, or being faithful, has the audacity to put his hypocritical ideology ahead of evidence-based public health strategies that tell us abstinence-only should be removed from PEPFAR. He puts ideology ahead of his own reality in the ultimate paternalistic perversion of “do as I say, not as I do.”

And need I point out that the only reason the Republicans made even a half-hearted attempt to shame Larry Craig into retiring after his arrest in the airport john hit the news was because he was caught propositioning a man? If he’d stuck to women like Diaper Dave, they’d have closed ranks around him immediately like they did with Diaper Dave. Once again, It’s OK If You’re A Republican!

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A Tale Of Three Johns

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 11, 2008

If you Google “David Vitter prostitute“, you get around 30,000 references to the sex scandal that broke last July involving a sitting Republican Senator known for his straight-arrow “family values” image. Senator Vitter has yet to resign.

If you Google Larry Craig prostitute, you get just under 48,000 references to the sex scandal that broke last August involving another sitting Republican Senator known for his straight-arrow “family values” image. Senator Craig has yet to resign.

But if you Google “Eliot Spitzer prostitute“, you get over 261,000 references to the sex scandal involving a sitting Democratic governor with a straight-arrow image, and that scandal isn’t even 48 hours old yet.

Clearly, Spitzer could be free and clear right now if he’d only been a Republican. It’s really the ultimate Get Out Of Jail Free card. Just ask Don Siegelman.

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And In News That Should Surprise Absolutely No One…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 31, 2007

yet another homophobic Republican “Family Values” dickweed was outed from his closet:

Meanwhile, way on the otherside of the country, up in Washington another I’m-Not-Gay-Republican– yawn– Washington Rep. Richard Curtis is all caught up in some extortion business with a gay prostitute. KREM, a Spokane TV station, reported that Curtis and the male hooker had “a sexual encounter and were seen together at various spots around the city.” Spokane is just up the road apiece from Idaho and Curtis said, “I am not gay. I have not had sex with a guy.” A.P. is reporting that Curtis and the hooker met at one of those porno video shops (the Hollywood Erotic Boutique) at 12:45am and then went back to Curtis’ hotel room at 3:30am for sex. They don’t say who did what to whom but the trick, Cody Castagna, demanded a grand to not blab that Curtis, who is married, is also enjoying the company of young men, and Curtis called the cops.

Before you start feeling too sorry for this chump, keep this in mind: he’s a self-righteous right-wing turd who he voted against domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Last year, he opposed a gay rights bill that banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Flush another Republican hypocrite down the toilet. I’ve lost count.

Even better — he’s a drag queen:

State Representative Richard Curtis says he’s not gay, but police reports and court records indicate the Republican lawmaker from southwestern Washington dressed up in women’s lingerie and met a Medical Lake man in a local erotic video store which led to consensual sex at a downtown hotel and a threat to expose Curtis’ activities publicly.

Many moons ago, MEC defined for us the concept of anti-truth:

“Lie” isn’t an adequate word for what Republicans say. We need a new term; I propose anti-truth, as in, “There are lies, damned lies, and Republican anti-truths.” Like matter and anti-matter, Republicans and the truth just can’t occupy the same space. What they say goes all the way through and past “untrue” into the realm of turning reality inside out, tying a knot in it, and yanking so hard it snaps.

It’s time to come up with an analogue concerning GOP hypocrisy. The word “hypocrisy” just isn’t adequate to describe what these people think, say, and do.

After all this, it’s almost an anticlimax to note that Debra Jeane Palfrey’s most noted customer, Diaper David Vitter, got hit with a $25,000 for violating election laws in his 2004 campaign.

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David Vitter’s Job Is Suddenly Less Secure

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 22, 2007


As expected, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal won the election for governor of Louisiana, assisted for the most part by the deliberate efforts to keep black residents of New Orleans — who voted strongly Democratic — from returning to their homes after Hurricane Katrina.

One person who is probably not happy about this is Diaper Dave Vitter, the most prominent phone number in Debra Jeane “DC Madam” Palfrey’s little black book.

So long as a Democrat is governor, and can appoint a fellow Democrat to succeed Vitter, the national Republican Party won’t be pushing Vitter to leave.  But once a Republican is sworn in, which will happen in a few months, then Vitter is every bit as endangered as is his fellow Republican Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig of Idaho — a state which (you guessed it!) already has a Republican governor.

Meanwhile, the race is on to fill the congressional seat vacated by Jindal.  Gilda Reed is our gal.

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Larry Craig: The Plot Thickens

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 29, 2007

Not only has Larry Craig come out and said he’s going to stay in the Senate unless his case isn’t dismissed, but now it looks like he’ll stick around even if the case isn’t dismissed:

Remember how Idaho Sen. Larry Craig was going to resign from the Senate on Sept. 30? Then remember how he was maybe not going to resign if — and only if — he could get his guilty plea withdrawn by Sept. 30? And then remember how Craig put off his plan to resign because the judge hearing his case hasn’t ruled yet?

Well, here’s the latest from Craig’s attorney. Appearing on “Hardball” Thursday night, lawyer Stanley Brand said that it’s “conceivable” that Craig will remain in office through the end of his term, “especially if he gets some type of relief in Minnesota.” “But,” Brand added quickly, “I don’t think it depends on that.”

Translation: Craig may be sticking around even if the judge in Minneapolis doesn’t let him withdraw his guilty plea.

Heheheheh.  But it gets better:

As for the Senate Ethics Committee? Brand said he thinks it’s “inconceivable” that the Senate “will open the door to bringing cases against senators” for committing “misdemeanors that have nothing to do with the performance of official duties.”

“I know they say they have the right to discipline people for bringing discredit on the Senate,” Brand said. “That’s a vague standard. That’s well beyond where we are in 2007. I can’t imagine that 99 other senators want to be judged by that standard.”

Sounds like Larry Craig might be prepared to drop several weighty dimes on his colleagues if they don’t lay off.

And if you’re wondering why this latest turnabout hasn’t been screaming headline news in the press, it’s probably because the Republicans really don’t want to call attention to it.  Contrast that with their actions of just a few weeks ago, when they couldn’t wait to publicly shove knives into his back under the pretext of showing how devoted to pleasing their homophobic base by getting rid of an outed gay Senator accountability they were — though the truth was that he is a Senator from a state with a Republican governor who will be appointing his successor, whereas his fellow Senator Diaper Dave Vitter’s long-standing use of (female) hookers was forgiven because Vitter’s state has a Democrat in the governor’s mansion.

What changed, from then to now?  Why are the Republicans suddenly willing to let Craig serve out the rest of his term — even though it almost certainly means that they’ll lose that seat next year to a Democrat?

Craig’s lawyer’s hints at his client’s willingness to squeal on his buds to save his own bacon provides a clue.  See, this airport-john imbroglio is not the only legal mess Craig’s involved in right now.  As Emptywheel points out, he’s likely to be getting (if he hasn’t already) a subpoena to testify in the Brent Wilkes/MZM trial. 

Brent Wilkes is the evil genius behind the Duke Cunningham corruption scandal, and he’s quite capable of taking out a good chunk of the existing Senate Republican caucus.   But if Craig stays a sitting Senator, he has a much better chance to resist a subpoena — a fact that I’m sure Craig’s lawyer has pointed out to various GOP stringpullers over the past few weeks.  The Republicans may have decided to burn one of their Senate seats to protect the others.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 28, 2007


Our favorite sex-industry entrepreneur is back in the news:

Breaking CLG exclusive: Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) has learned that so-called DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, has issued subpoenas for the depositions of (i) Troy Burrus, the IRS case agent on Palfrey’s case, for Friday, September 28th in Washington, D.C., and (ii) Brian Ross of ABC News, (ii) Cindy Adams of the New York Post and (iv) Bill Bastone of The Smoking Gun for Friday October 5th in New York City.


From Montgomery Blair Sibley, Jeane Palfrey’s attorney:

Along with the criminal case against Jeane Palfrey, the government has also filed a civil forfeiture action seeking to take all her assets. Curiously, in the criminal action — in which Palfrey could go to jail — she is not allowed to gather information before trial by examinations of witnesses under oath. However, in the civil forfeiture action, such discovery before trial is allowed. Go figure.

Judge Kessler stopped the civil forfeiture action last March for six months to prevent Palfrey from getting information to help her defense in the civil and criminal cases. That stay order expired last week and I promptly issued subpoenas for the depositions of (i) Troy Burrus, the IRS case agent on Palfrey’s case, for Friday, September 28th in Washington, D.C., and (ii) Brian Ross of ABC News, (ii) Cindy Adams of the New York Post and (iv) Bill Bastone of the for Friday October 5th in New York City. Those subpoenas were served yesterday on the witnesses.

I expect both the government and the subpoenaed witnesses to aggressively fight Palfrey’s attempt to get the basic information regarding why this matter was commenced by the government and how the government has acted since the seizing of all Palfrey’s assets one year ago. Heaven forbid the truth comes out.

26 Sep 2007

Sounds like the ultimate poison-pill defense.

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 12, 2007


And the hits just keep on comin’:

— David Vitter’s hooker troubles aren’t going away. Wendy Cortez speaks.

— You knew it was coming: Larry Craig, meet Fred Phelps. (h/t to Minnesota Monitor.)

— The FBI is interested in Ted Stevens.

UPDATE:  Go to for a login and password to access the article; here’s a little taste of it:

During a secret meeting to discuss what prosecutors say was a dirty deal to keep Alaska oil taxes low, two oil contractors said they had a powerful ally coming to town who could help build support for the plan: Sen. Ted Stevens. The FBI played a videotape of the 2006 meeting Tuesday in a corruption trial against former Alaska House Speaker Pete Kott, who is accused of taking gifts and favors in exchange for supporting oil interests.

In the grainy video, VECO Corp. executives Bill Allen and Rick Smith can be heard talking about how to ensure passage of an oil tax bill. If approved, the bill would increase chances that a natural gas pipeline would be built, a deal that could mean huge profits for VECO.

Allen and Smith said they wanted to ensure Stevens was asked “good questions” that would steer him toward discussing the bill and the pipeline. The senator, Allen said, would make clear that “we need oil.”

— Norm Coleman’s leads over Mike Ciresi and Al Franken continue to shrink, and are now dangerously close to the margins of error in the latest Rasmussen poll.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 6, 2007

Poor widdle George W. Bush. His Big Propaganda Rollouts — for both the SURGE! and for invading Iran — are getting shoved off the media stage by Larry “I’m NOT GAY!” Craig.

See, it turns out that Senator Craig has no intention of going quietly into that good night — and his lawyers have hinted that should the GOP-initiated ethics probe continue against him, he’ll suddenly have reasons to bring up all those other Senators who have violated Senate ethics rules (*cough*DavidVitter*cough*), and yet were never punished for it.

What’s more, he has two powerful Senate allies: Arlen Specter and Mitch McConnell.

Things will be getting most interesting.

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