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Watch Jane Hamsher Spank Lanny Davis On Live TV

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 18, 2009

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

It’s mostly on Lanny’s health care lobbying shenanigans, but Jane is aware of Lanny’s work for the golpistas in Honduras as well.

Lanny thought he could just bash Jane with ad hominems until she wilted. He thought wrong.

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Fooled me once, shame on you.

Posted by Charles II on November 17, 2007

(Via Avedon) We learn from Booman that we have been faked out on telecomm immunity. The “compromise” by Arlen Specter would put the cost onto the taxpayers as a sop to denying justice in the courts.

I will give no more money to incumbent Democrats.

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Robert Rubin: The Enemy Within?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 10, 2007

TAP’s Robert Kuttner makes the case.

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The Consultant Classes

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 11, 2007

Atrios speaks, and reminds us that last week wasn’t the first time that John Edwards has had to buck crappy advice from his staff:

Feb. 19, 2007 issue – In the fall of 2005, John Edwards sat down with a pad and pen and scrawled out three simple words: “I was wrong.” It was nearly three years after he’d joined a Senate majority in voting to authorize war in Iraq. After an unsuccessful run as John Kerry’s vice presidential candidate in the 2004 election, Edwards had returned home to North Carolina and watched as the war descended into chaos. Increasingly filled with regret, he concluded that the three-word confession would be the right way to start a Washington Post op-ed admitting his vote was a mistake.


But when a draft came back from his aides in Washington, Edwards’s admission was gone. Determined, the senator reinserted the sentence. Again a draft came back from Washington; again the sentence had been taken out. “We went back and forth, back and forth,” Edwards tells NEWSWEEK. “They didn’t want me to say it. They were saying I should stress that I’d been misled.” The opening sentence remained. “That was the single most important thing for me to say,” Edwards recalls. “I had to show how I really feel.”

And of course, Edwards’ advisors are establishment-Democrat types, the sort of folk who fought and still fight against people like Howard Dean tooth and nail. 

The thing that really ticks me off about the DLC/Blue Dog/Beltway bozo types and their fellow travelers in the consultant class is that they ape Republican policies, but never Republican tactics — whereas it should be exactly the other way around.

To wit: Compare the response of the McCain campaign to their own “blogger controversy”. They stuck behind their guy Patrick Hynes with no grovelling and no apologies, even though what Hynes did was genuinely offensive when viewed in its proper context. (Much more on Hynes here.  And let’s not forget Hynes’ hypocrisy concerning blogger disclosure, either.) But Edwards’ own team tried to force Edwards to do the exact opposite:  fire Marcotte and McEwan and then grovel before his anti-semitic critic William Donohue

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